The Secrets to creating your Apartment Feel Like Home

You just moved the last moving box into your new apartment and for some reason the blank walls and missing your last cozy home are all reminders that your new apartment will desire a lot of design help.  Whether you don’t know where to begin otherwise you think your small place won’t manage to compare for your last spacious…

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An Archetypal Method to Showering: Axor Waterdream Installation by Front

The collaboration between Axor (the designer brand of Hansgrohe) and the Stockholm-based trio Front Design… caused an intriguing installation, recently unveiled at Axor headquarters inside the Black Forest. Swedish trio Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren took at the challenge of rethinking the human interaction with water and space and came up with a daring concept. 

You’re reading An Archetypal Way to Showering: Axor Waterdream Installation by Front originally posted on Freshome.

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Charming 26 Sqm Apartment in Sweden Offering one of the best of 2 Eras

This small 26 square meter apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers the proper of 2 eras: original parquet, solid ceilings and built-in wardrobe reminding of the 40’s and hyper-modern kitchen and appliances purchased recently by the present owners. Initially discovered on Alvhem, the tiny crib offers an incredible way of life, despite its size. Divided into kitchen area with an enthralling dining spot, front room with large windows and a satisfying balcony, the apartment is optimal for one person, but can really well accommodate a pair also.
Right next to the doorway door, there’s a generously-sized walk-in closet, an excellent cupboard space for this kind of home. The walls are painted in white and with the checkerboard floor, an alluring graphic impression is created. Natural light and a ceiling height of just about three meters within the living-room give where volume. And did you spot how incredibly charming the terrace is?

Imposing Contemporary House in Ohio Exhibiting Surprising Design Ideas

Especially designed and constructed by Dimit Architects for an active young family inside the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio, this residence ranks high in modern features. The team’s plan was to separate the home in two wings, functionally dividing the living spaces from the bedrooms, home office, exercise room, and support spaces: “The two wings meet on the heart of the home- an expansive open kitchen, with views to a protected rear courtyard with swimming and reflecting pools“.
From afar, where looks quite imposing: “The various rectilinear masses of the home are clad in either a light-weight cast stone veneer or with ipe wood slats arranged over a rain-screen membrane“. Tall ceilings dominate the interiors, giving each room volume. Despite the highly modern approach, a private and warm feel is supplied by a whole lot of colors and textures, creatively blending inside the overall design scheme. See any details you favor?

Concrete Gone Green: Fascinating 3D Printed Planter Bricks

Have a glance at these lovely designs effectively converting a fabric usually perceived as lifeless with the delicacy of plants! The Planter Bricks envisioned by Real San Fratello Architects are concrete masonry units being able to host numerous greenery. The bricks are modeled in 3D software, that is then sent on to a 3D printer to be produced. Which means there are not any restrains in relation to shape or size and that every piece is also customized to a client’s particular wish.
The final products are available a lot of forms, some angular, some curvaceous and feature various sized cavities. Consistent with the designers, the real flower pots could be combined with traditional bricks in new masonry walls or to exchange bricks in an existing wall. Another interesting effect is emphasized: “The planter bricks have the prospective to counter the warmth island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants within the wall help mediate the temperature of the micro-climate surrounding the building, buffer sound and help filter the air“. a water-resistant ceramic version of the product can also be available and it’s priced $400, while the concrete can be bought at $300.

Tips on how to Read Freshome After Google Reader Shuts Down

If you’re reading this post in Google Reader, you won’t be doing so next week. After July 1st 2013 that’s this coming Monday! Google Reader is shutting down FOR GOOD. Our RSS feeds had been pretty reliant on Google Reader for years. (In the event you don’t know- Google Reader was a free service that pulled new posts, or “RSS feeds”, from blogs & websites, pooling all the content onto one easy to read page. It was a shockingly convenient option to stay alongside of your whole favorite blogs.) If you’re a Google Reader user, obviously you have to a brand new tool to read your subscriptions. We’ve a number of thoughts for you on that, so listed here are our favourite alternatives.

Feedly has become some of the more popular choices, because it very closely resembles the identical features as Google Reader. The import process is a breeze, so that you won’t lose any content. Additionally they have more detailed migration instructions here: Tips for Google reader users migrating to feedly.

Flipboard is the most well-liked of the magazine-like content aggregator apps. Apart from its own curated feeds, it connects with quite a few social networks which could collect news feeds – including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. For plenty of readers, though, Flipboard’s loss of an internet or desktop client would be a deal-breaker. Not less than for now, it’s iOS and Android only. You are able to follow us on Flipboard – just download the app for Apple or from Google Play. Use these instructions emigrate your Google Reader feeds into Flipboard.

Bloglovin’ is a smart alternative to Google Reader, especially in the event you want to read blog posts at the blogs themselves, instead of reading the entire text inside a reader. You are able to follow Freshome on Bloglovin here.

Finally …if you don’t use RSS you’re able to read us any time to your favorite social network.

A Vision of Water and light-weight Combined: Axor Waterdream Installation by Nendo

In the quest for alternative visions of toilet as a living space, Axor (the designer brand of Hansgrohe) collaborated with internationally renowned designers, resembling Phoenix Design, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and the Bouroullec brothers. Freshome recently attended the disclosing of 2 new installations completed at the side of Front and Nendo, to be able to now add as much as this impressive line of works.

The Axor WaterDream project created by Nendo artfully brings together two common household objects, reinterpreting the way in which they’re usually perceived: “My aim was to mix what’s most archetypal in regards to the living space, the lighting, with water, to be able to give the shower an enhanced sensuous dimension in a fashion we’ve not yet seen before. The result’s something that’s not only a shower, nor only a lamp, but a hybrid – a magic trick with light and water that may be available day after day”, explains designer Oki Sato.
Asked to further describe his installation, Oki Sato emphasized at the special connection he managed to capture: “I was thinking that water would not exist without light. Imagine a river or a lake: when it’s evening time it disappears within the darkness since it absorbs the entire light. But at daytime you have got the daylight after which it creates all this glittering effect at the surface of the water. It creates depth, it creates colors and it becomes an emotional aspect. So i attempted to create an object that mixes light and water together in a single piece.’

Philippe Grohe- Head of the Axor brand- animated the presentation event by subtly inviting the designer to have a sit under the lamp-shower. With Oki Sato reading, another vision was delivered to life: “The natural coming-together of sunshine and water is free of spatial constraints: what traditionally happened in separate rooms – reading under a lamp within the lounge, having a shower within the bathroom – can now be experienced free from spatial allocations or confinements,” Philippe Grohe stated.

In the tip, Philippe Grohe spontaneously decided to sign up for Oki Sato, in an act of fun solidarity. Benefit from the photos taken on the event held at Axor headquarters within the Black Forest and stay tuned to determine photos of the installation developed by the women at Front. Coming soon on Freshome!

Bespoke Design Concept Inspired by Catwalk Trends: The Residences Kuala Lumpur

The Residences Kuala Lumpur by Blu Water Studio introduce you to the high fashion of sanctuary – haute couture inspired new living trends from one of the most prestigious catwalks. Representing the hot designers generation, the novel variety of Heider Ackermann is perfectly reflected within the smaller apartment (Type A-first photos of the post). In keeping with his fashion shows the colourful colors were complemented with subtle and monochrome hues.

The soothing shades of gray were chosen to have interaction with the abundant exposure of turquoise and yellow. Tinted mirrors intensify the color impression and double the sense of spaciousness. The muse from the silhouette of Ackerman’s clothes determines the vertically cut walls, which elongate the peak of the gap. Although the living area was very limited, transparent tables and chairs help to open it up. The countless reflections from the soft shaped metallic pendants completed the definitive style. The overall touch comes from the sculptural yellow armchair inspired by the diagonal lines of masculine Ackermann design.

The timelessness of Dior defined the vision of the bigger apartment (Type B). The spirit of the French designer is expressed both with silhouettes and colours. Feminine chicness influenced the shapes and textures. Beloved women’s pleats, highlighted inside the 2012 spring-summer collection, were translated from the catwalk to the apartment because the feature design motif. Pleat-like focal wall within the living area, although made up of vinyl timber, took the fundamental inspiration from the fabric’s flexibility. The layering inspired design during the apartment was used to create the touch of puzzle, which accurate characterizes the fair sex.

To highlight the organic touches, monochrome colors with the dominant black were juxtaposed with vibrant green and robust magenta. In keeping with Dior’s principle, as he’s quoted to mention, “I have designed flower women”, the bloom chair stands proud within the center of living space. This high designer piece within the shape of over-sized green flower adds a subtle textural feel to the internal and plays at the side of the richness of the carpet. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by Blu Water Studio]


Re-Editing Icons of The car Industry : Pio Manzù Chair

Alias revisits a key archive project by Pio Manzù, the bright protagonist of Italian automobile design through the sixties. The theory materialized on the GAMeC of Bergamo where the archives of Pio Manzù’s work are stored. The awareness was interested in a prototype chair clearly taking its inspiration from the auto industry. The re-edition started to take form and at last reach its completion. The choice was made to integrate a footrest on a four-star base, designed to be wholly coherent with the design and proportions of the chair.

This journey of culture and design has given Alias the chance to find a deeprooted affinity with the historical figure of Pio Manzù. One of the most first designers to have conceived the guy-machine relationship beyond mere function, considering aspects of safety and well-being, Manzù’s uncompromising strategy to design and his familiarity with technology made him a real pioneer within the sphere of ergonomics. Similarly to an ottoman, the chair is made from a supporting structure in dense polyurethane co-formed with polyurethane foam. The bottom is cast aluminium, polished and enameled in various colours. Both pieces are presented in a sublime leather upholstery with a decision of several shades. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by Elisabetta Bilei] 

Extremely Versatile Walk-in Closet: DRESSWALL by ANYWAYdoors

“DRESSWALL” is a modular walk-in closet structure that uses vertical profiles attached to a wall, fixed between floor and ceiling and even free floating like within the photos underneath. It’s a modern and flexible system with high-end designed components to make certain the highest quality. Material wise, the vertical profiles and frames for the floating shelves are made of natural color anodized aluminum. The finishing material for the floating shelves and drawer boxes are produced from 3mm thick Resopal Massiv, a high scratch resistant material that’s also really easy to wash. The gathering for DRESSWALL include 35 different unicolor and wood-print finishes, but all colors from Resopal come in on special request.
The built-in LED lighting will be functional in addition create mood. The optional white glass against the wall doesn’t only look nice, nonetheless it also acts as a finish for the wall so no painting is required and it reflects the LED light + it’s a breeze to wash. Under the motto ‘anything might be improved’ ANYWAYdoors conceived the DRESS A METHOD DRESSWALL. As an instance, the whole back wall of a room may be made functional by a visible floating open system. With shelves, clothes rods or desk tops for an open dressing unit, office, library, study corner or maybe TV unit. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by ANYWAYdoors]