Swedish Loft Exhaling Elegance Impresses With The beautiful Views Over Town

This beautiful loft is found in a single of the central districts of Stockholm. This exquisite city of contrasts, that exhales sophistication and spreads an awesome vibe among people who come to be visiting it’s famous for both, its historic buildings and its coquette attic lofts. Spotted on Langerlings, this 1,668 square foot Östermalm apartment boasts a lovely and stylish interior, characterised by gorgeous décor elements. The apartment features an open floor plan, three bedrooms and wide terrace, which favours excellent city views.
The interior is glossy – an inspired blend of contemporary and trendy. The easy white walls, the curvy shapes, that bohemian attic atmosphere, the lights, the cheerful shades of colour, the artworks hanging at the walls, the open space living environment (basically, the weather that create the composition of this home) have the facility to convert a normal, dull interior right into a cozy and intimate home. This kitchen’s loft is supplied with Italian appliances from Gaggenau and the dining area makes room for 8 as much as 10 people. Intimate, yet uncluttered, this pretty interior is sprinkled with black-painted wooden beams, activating your senses and placing you inside a narrative.