Charming 26 Sqm Apartment in Sweden Offering one of the best of 2 Eras

This small 26 square meter apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers the proper of 2 eras: original parquet, solid ceilings and built-in wardrobe reminding of the 40’s and hyper-modern kitchen and appliances purchased recently by the present owners. Initially discovered on Alvhem, the tiny crib offers an incredible way of life, despite its size. Divided into kitchen area with an enthralling dining spot, front room with large windows and a satisfying balcony, the apartment is optimal for one person, but can really well accommodate a pair also.
Right next to the doorway door, there’s a generously-sized walk-in closet, an excellent cupboard space for this kind of home. The walls are painted in white and with the checkerboard floor, an alluring graphic impression is created. Natural light and a ceiling height of just about three meters within the living-room give where volume. And did you spot how incredibly charming the terrace is?