Contemporary Edgy Residence Divided Into Modules in Spain by Elii

The home of Would in Pedrezuela, Madrid, Spain is an inspiration for lots of architects and architects, resulting from its irregularities and intriguing design. Made entirely of wood cladding, this fine example of recent residence boasts different ceiling levels and a number of other interior courtyards. Its unique design favours a respectable compartmentation, dividing the home into different modules. The edgy project called House of Would was designed by  Elii on a steep slop of land, with little vegetation, but with a fantastic view over the environment. It was built of 7 wooden-structure modules, each module being devoted to different domestic situations.“The house adapts to the plot of land in a layered fashion counting on the several degrees of privacy needed: private rooms are hidden from the road and adapt to the terrain giving a sense of being in direct contact with the plot. The more public spaces are toward the road and gain height gradually, until they tower over the landscape and look towards the horizon over the remainder of the rooms.” Don’t expect a plain and dull interior. It’s dynamic, warm and breezy. 

Exploring Variations of Space: BAKERY in Porto by Paulo Merlini Architecture

Before designing this project in Portugal, the architects at Paulo Merlini visited and analyzed other similar spaces searching for some errors which may be corrected: “We discovered that a basic error being committed was that the majority of those services only had one form of space. This design attitude ignored the difference of mood one fells in the course of the day, or perhaps if he walks there alone or with friends, needs a spot to read a book or simply desires to socialize. So, to bridge this flaw, we created three different environments. This way he costumer can select the space that fits better to his or her mood, rather than have to adapt itself to an imposing environment.

The presence of color and forms that are food alike actually makes people hungrier. In an effort to get that input at the users, we picked the twenty most wanted products of the bakery and in keeping with a pattern of world identification we found a center tone and applied it at the walls. At the formal approach, we made the ceiling melt in some points to make it seem like a cake topping”. [Information provided via e-mail by Paulo Merlini, Photo credits:


Customizable Modern Elegance: Tube Chairs From Martz Edition

A creative strategy to form, functionality and color triggered the improvement of the Tube Chair by French designer Jean-Pierre Martz. All the pieces within the original Martz Edition comes with a different approach, relieving the various sides of the initial creative idea. Curves are on the bases of the project design and with every standpoint you are going to discover surprising details.
The name of the chair-Tube- seems to take as on the origins of those objects: a vision of a cylinder which was sculpted which will become a good looking piece of home decor. The pieces could be customized in accordance with the wishes and needs of the client: the wood, coming in curved plywood, veneered in, varnished or lacquered, or steel or aluminum to be combined with an infinity of colours, coating and fabrics. Take a look at the versions below and let us know what you suspect. Are you able to settle on a favourite?

Gorgeous Two-Story Penthouse at the Lower East Side in Manhattan

Long island is an inspiration. A way of thinking, a vibration, an eccentric and complicated city. i’m pretty sure that all of us have our NY moments: the overpowering accelerated rhythm, the swarm of folks, the streets, the coffee shops, the opportunities – a lot of these things make people say you’ven’t fully lived until you have explored the wonders of recent York. Now, on the subject of wonders, Manhattan is undoubtably, the best of all of them. When you’re currently searching for a house, here’s our recommendation: a pleasing $ 5,950,000 two-story penthouse, at the Lower East Side. You will discover out more in regards to the selling on Douglas Elliman’s website.
With a dazzling view over Manhattan’s skyline, the beautiful penthouse comprises three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious front room, a house theater and an opulent seating area with a jacuzzi at the terrace. The terrace is an excellent option for social interaction. You are able to sit and relax over multiple icy drinks or ask your folks to affix you for barbecue. Yes, the terrace accommodates also a barbecue area! The inner is bright, cheerful (the orange splashes) and fluid, there are not any doors and there’s a definite form of breeziness dominating the inner.