Stylish Brazilian Home Displaying an Inspiring Mixture of Colors and Textures

Mixing large space with elegance and coziness is a tough one. However, designer Luciano Dalla Marta took at the challenge with spectacular results. This Brazilian house is solemn via its tall ceilings , white walls and chandeliers, yet the presence of graphic art, paintings, greenery and cozy furniture units makes the interiors feel welcoming. By eliminating wall divisions, the compartments of the social area communicate with one another and all enjoy the abundance of natural lighting.
The main living area is animated by an eclectic use of textures and colours, coexisting in visual harmony. Bedrooms nonetheless were envisioned in a black&white color palette, yet their soberness is attenuated by means of soft-textured rugs and floor to ceiling curtains. All through the house, an optimum indoor-outdoor connection was achieved- probably why each interior seems more invigorating than a higher!