Gorgeous Modern Residence Displaying a Interesting Asymmetrical Facade in Sydney

Waverley Residence is a house with an intriguing exterior, boasting irregular shapes and details, that will stand out and make an impression on whoever finally ends up seeing it. Located in Waverley, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this exciting project was designed by Anderson Architecture to meet the expectancies of the clients who were searching for a neat, relaxing home, that favours the sunshine and heat of the sun, the natural ventilation and connects the inhabitants with our surroundings. Bright and luminous, Waverley Residence is a superb living environment: an uncluttered lounge with high ceilings spreads ahead, connecting you with the outside. The kitchen is integrated into the living area, transforming the bottom floor right into a fluid living space. The asymmetries define overall, the home, transforming it right into a unique project. Designed respecting the rules of sustainability, the Waverley Residence is both a comfy and friendly with the surroundings.”The house requires little or no heating or cooling, utilising passive solar techniques, internal thermal mass and natural ventilation to keep a comfy, healthy indoor environment. A challenging aspect, with excessive western exposure and a big existing building to the north, helped define the lofty roof forms which capture northern light.” The internal is dominated by light colours, corresponding to beige and white. Wood also plays a vital role in defining the interior’s décor.

Inspired by the Movement of the Waves: Split Leather Sofa&Chairs

Alex Hull envisioned a leather and suede sofa for Gallery Fumi as portion of its exhibit at art and design fair PAD London 2012. Earlier this 2013, the designer also created the Split Chair, which perfectly adds as much as the furniture series. The pieces are dynamic, interesting to watch from every standpoint and especially elegant.

The idea that stood on the basis of the project is described by the designer as follows: “A balancing, visually light organic structure was inspired by the wave’s movement and the composite surfboard construction. Continuous leather form splits open to bare a more delicate and tactile suede interior, as though it’s been torn apart. The asymmetrical sofa bends and curves, echoing and hugging the human body, allowing its occupier to take a seat or lie down in it, using the outstretched arm as a chaise longue head rest”. Any personal thoughts you want to share in this creative furniture combo?

Of Shapes and Geometry: L-Shaped House in Greece by Potiropoulos D+L Architects

This lovely clean-lined house located in Nikaia, Larissa, Greece is an inspiration for the architects resulting from its flawless design. The L-shaped project designed by Now, let’s come again to that design discipline we were talking about. The house’s L-shape makes possible the mixing of the total project (including the swimming pool) right into a rectangle. It’s all in regards to the power of geometry. The horizontal openings encourage a dialogue with the natural light, allowing the sun to sneak inside. The inner is characterised by high ceilings, transparence and spaciousness. a pitcher staircase dominates the core of the lounge, making the vertical circulation possible. 

Delightful Modern Retreat in Portland, Oregon: Arboretum Residence

Welcome to a home tour where contemporary design is subtly mixed with lovely traditional features. Completed in 2011 by Skylab Architecture in Portland, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, this place is an oasis of healthy living. Arboretum Residence displays neutral colors throughout, adding to its minimalist look without interfering with the comfy atmosphere.
The interior design is characterized by minimalism and a powerful relationship with the neighboring landscape: “With a toned-down background, shapes and textures take the spotlight. Natural textiles akin to linen and jute provide a welcome contrast to the easy geometric lines that make up a recent space. Architectural elements aim to attach the indoor and outdoor. Expansive windows, open floor plans, and plenty of natural light are key characteristics of latest home design”. Benefit from the photos and be at liberty to share the inspiring home ideas you find!

Seeking Balance and quietness: Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo

Exuding tranquility, this private Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo is envisioned because the perfect place to discover inner peace. Balance is one of several hardest things to succeed in and because, our struggle and efforts are steady and focused in that direction, a wonderfully balanced home helps us to realize happiness. Where we spend most of our free time has a pretty good impact upon our lives. RCK Design completed the trendy Zen Design House project, with this in mind: to be able to have a blissful life, we’d like a neat and serene home environment. Despite being small (spreading over 120 square feet) it can be smartly built. It integrates simplistic volumes and white walls, exhaling openness and a zen-like atmosphere.

The house was built as a temple for the body, mind and soul. “The house uses special windows to avoid outsiders to view the inner of the home, but still allows abundant natural lighting to go into. Both in its simple square shape and clean, exterior in grey and funky white gives this Zen style house. There are anchors and twine for green wall round the entrance. Organic plants prevent heat from sun lights in Summer and its photosynthesis produces oxygen all of the year.” The tiny but functional home is characterised by low furniture, simple straight lines and quiet earthy colours, enhancing the sensation of tranquility. Do you locate it inspiring?