The Locomotive Ranch Trailer Incorporating an Authentic Traveling Trailer Design

The Locomotive Ranch Trailer is a contemporary and ingenious home designed by Andrew Hinman Architecture in Uvalde, Texas. Reminding us of the authentic traveling trailers, the streamlined aluminum house comes as an addition to the most house and it represents among the client’s Most worthy possessions. The customer desired to move it permanently to his ranch in South Texas, where he spends most of his free time together with his family. The fashionable “to go” home trailer, which overlooks the tranquil water of the Nueces River is perceived as an ”accessory”, that integrates seamlessly into the large picture.“Given the delicate geology and the flash-flood prone nature of the riverside location, the trailer’s foundation and protection required special considerations. The trailer interior is refurbished with bamboo panels. Interior lighting is supplied by LED cove & mini-spots.” The ranch is envisioned as a retreat (that disconnects from the routine), a spot where the client’s family involves relax, fish, hunt or swim. The home was built round the client’s vintage 1950’s streamlined trailer, 30 feet above the river. Metal and steel were the principle materials utilized in defining this project.