Geometry-Driven Architecture: House in Rocafort by Ramon Esteve Studio

Geometry was the start line for this contemporary project in Valencia, Spain, designed by Ramon Esteve Studio; “The concept was born from the trapezoidal shape of the plot, located in a residential area. The vegetation is a dense component of edge. That’s the reason why the home is proposed like a volume where focusing views becomes especially important”. Massive walls finished in bright white contrast the plush vegetation, delivering a visually appealing exterior. Hidden by the trees, a wooden terrace takes the focal point off the straightforward lines of the road facade.
Every room is supplied with a distinct character and the interior-outside transition is intensely smooth. The social area is attached to the deck and swimming pool through glass doors. quite a number voids within the walls masked with wooden strips allow natural illumination. Light shines bright and robust throughout the voids within the porch, yet is veiled and regulated within the bedrooms, making a dense atmosphere.