New IKEA LED Lamp For Illuminating Storage Drawers

The recent DIODER LED battery-operated lamp from IKEA answers a basic need on the subject of modern living: illuminating storage spaces, particularly drawers and cabinets. Unobtrusive and skillfully designed, the strip of sunshine comes on automatically for those who open the drawer and goes off once you close it. Moreover, the LED light source is claimed to consume as much as 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
IKEA developed the project so that you can boost the creativity of home users: “DIODER is a sequence of ornamental lighting so that you can put, well, anywhere you prefer and however you love. You are able to put strips and spotlights with built-in diodes that fluctuate color for your bookshelves or round the frames of your pictures and mirrors. Our idea was to make it playful and fun as a way to create atmosphere and personality in your house.” Another appealing feature of the brand new IKEA lamp is its price: for $14.99 (batteries not included), you get a 29 cm LED strip and the potential for illuminating your favorite storage corner.