New IKEA LED Lamp For Illuminating Storage Drawers

The recent DIODER LED battery-operated lamp from IKEA answers a basic need on the subject of modern living: illuminating storage spaces, particularly drawers and cabinets. Unobtrusive and skillfully designed, the strip of sunshine comes on automatically for those who open the drawer and goes off once you close it. Moreover, the LED light source is claimed to consume as much as 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
IKEA developed the project so that you can boost the creativity of home users: “DIODER is a sequence of ornamental lighting so that you can put, well, anywhere you prefer and however you love. You are able to put strips and spotlights with built-in diodes that fluctuate color for your bookshelves or round the frames of your pictures and mirrors. Our idea was to make it playful and fun as a way to create atmosphere and personality in your house.” Another appealing feature of the brand new IKEA lamp is its price: for $14.99 (batteries not included), you get a 29 cm LED strip and the potential for illuminating your favorite storage corner.

Geometry-Driven Architecture: House in Rocafort by Ramon Esteve Studio

Geometry was the start line for this contemporary project in Valencia, Spain, designed by Ramon Esteve Studio; “The concept was born from the trapezoidal shape of the plot, located in a residential area. The vegetation is a dense component of edge. That’s the reason why the home is proposed like a volume where focusing views becomes especially important”. Massive walls finished in bright white contrast the plush vegetation, delivering a visually appealing exterior. Hidden by the trees, a wooden terrace takes the focal point off the straightforward lines of the road facade.
Every room is supplied with a distinct character and the interior-outside transition is intensely smooth. The social area is attached to the deck and swimming pool through glass doors. quite a number voids within the walls masked with wooden strips allow natural illumination. Light shines bright and robust throughout the voids within the porch, yet is veiled and regulated within the bedrooms, making a dense atmosphere.

Mid-Century House in Beverly Hills Converted Into Modern Residence

Studio Jendretzki completed a whole renovation of a mid-century residence initially envisioned by architect Hal Levitt. Located in Beverly Hills, LA, the home (discovered by Freshome on Design Milk) has an extremely modern appearance throughout and a superb level of openness. Many of the partitions of the initial project were replaced as a way to create an optimum indoor-outdoor connection and the swimming pool was reconfigured to raised follow the home.
With the aid of sliding glass doors, the lounge is usually extended towards the pool deck. The social zone is visually delimited through dividing walls serving either as bookshelves or fireplace & TV stand. The wood floors adds an inviting feeling throughout. All interior decorations spell out “modern”, while also exhibiting personality. Lighting is ensured by numerous spots within the ceiling which at night are “joined” by the fiber-optic starts within the swimming pool.

Modern Refuge Surrounded by Lush Forests in Ohio: The Zinc House

Situated on 1.4 acres of a private, wooded land inside the sought after Sycamore School District, Ohio, USA this tradition built contemporary home, dubbed

Walls were envisioned in architectural zinc, which develops its own protective layer called zinc hydroxyl-carbonate. Once it’s formed, that layer blocks moisture and chemicals from penetrating the zinc and, if it’s scratched, the hydroxyl-carbonate will reform through the years. In other words, zinc heals itself. That’s why zinc walls and roofs last on average from 80 to 100 years. Inside, this 6,200 square foot home is finished with glistening heated concrete floors and unique stainless steel countertops. Every window has been designed to capture the picturesque landscape outside. If just looking isn’t enough, then opening the sliding wall system ensures for you to let the outdoors in. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by


The Locomotive Ranch Trailer Incorporating an Authentic Traveling Trailer Design

The Locomotive Ranch Trailer is a contemporary and ingenious home designed by Andrew Hinman Architecture in Uvalde, Texas. Reminding us of the authentic traveling trailers, the streamlined aluminum house comes as an addition to the most house and it represents among the client’s Most worthy possessions. The customer desired to move it permanently to his ranch in South Texas, where he spends most of his free time together with his family. The fashionable “to go” home trailer, which overlooks the tranquil water of the Nueces River is perceived as an ”accessory”, that integrates seamlessly into the large picture.“Given the delicate geology and the flash-flood prone nature of the riverside location, the trailer’s foundation and protection required special considerations. The trailer interior is refurbished with bamboo panels. Interior lighting is supplied by LED cove & mini-spots.” The ranch is envisioned as a retreat (that disconnects from the routine), a spot where the client’s family involves relax, fish, hunt or swim. The home was built round the client’s vintage 1950’s streamlined trailer, 30 feet above the river. Metal and steel were the principle materials utilized in defining this project.