A Welcoming Family Crib: Ninth Avenue Duplex in The big apple

An overall elegant design characterizes this unusual family crib in Manhattan, Big apple. Envisioned by wUNDERground architecture, the project consisted of a contemporary renovation derived from the desire of more living space: “With the appearance of latest member, this family of 5 had outgrown their 2-bedroom loft in a prominent Chelsea building and chose to expand by purchasing the same apartment above. To remodel the 3600sf space, the present units were completely gut-renovated”. Despite the focal point on function, no aesthetic compromises were made.

The architects explain that the lower floor was transformed right into a family realm including a sizable eat-in kitchen, a considerable playroom and an adult living/dining area. a brand new wood and steel staircase opens into the higher living quarters, featuring a study, laundry room, three children’s bedrooms and a south-facing master bedroom: “As an owner priority, we incorporated extensive health-conscious systems and materials and dedicated a considerable effort to improving the thermal and acoustical performance of the outside walls”. Color is a crucial section of the inner design scheme, adding a contented touch throughout.

Minimalist Shelving Unit Creatively Putting Your Bicycle on Display

Every cyclist secretly desires to frame his or her two-wheeler, that is why we believe this project will hit a soft spot. Developed by Postfossil, “Shoes, Books and a Bike” is a clever shelving unit answering various storing needs. It features four compartments, which might be filled up with almost anything, so long as the result’s not visually displeasing. The bicycle is cleverly supported by the wooden board below and an incredible lateral pin.
The neatest thing about this project is that it offers a spot for parking your bike indoors, while highlighting on its features. It’s as though finally your “jewel” gets the exhibition space it usually deserved. The wooden finish and minimalist style makes the bike shelf easily adapted to a number of interior, especially dorm rooms or hallways. Bike enthusiasts in the market, find this project as creative and practical as we do?

A Bright And Relaxing Home Showcasing a Linear Configuration in Palo Alto

The house to a number of the world’s biggest tech corporations and startups, Silicon Valley is where to be if you end up seeking to grow professionally in an inspiring work environment. This blessed region (San Francisco Bay Area), fascinates a whole planet with the abundance of brilliant folks that lead this world to progress. Lots of folks that work here established their permanent residences in Palo Alto. It was the natural (and convenient) thing to do. The houses of those who push forward technology and innovation (scientists, engineers or tech geeks), Palo Alto boasts quite a lot of lovely functional homes, that reflect their need of order and quietness.Simply called The Palo Alto Residence,  this 5,800 square foot home, designed by

Versatile Design Solutions Exhibited by Contemporary House in Poland

Widawscy Studio Architektury recently completed House in Zabrze, Poland, for a latest family of 4. The inside is dominated by white and grey tones contrasted by natural oak. Living area (kitchen, dining room, lounge) was left open, creating one well-ordered space. The homogenous colors of the inner are highlighted by the variety of white surface textures: glossy fronts of furniture, mat walls, linen fabric and structural plate. The lounge is dominated by a graphite sofa and white armchairs, perfectly adapted to the minimalist character of the internal. The center-piece of the home is a double-sided fireplace covered in natural stone. Dining zone is highlighted by a white lamp hanging over a veneered table and surrounded by Verner Panton chairs. The huge dining table can be converted right into a pool table, creating space for evening games. Both bedroom and toilet are dominated by white, visually expanding the interiors. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by Widawscy Studio Architektury]

Striking Penthouse at the 50th Floor of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in L.A.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, with Luxury Living, exclusive retailer of FENDI Casa, has created a brand new penthouse model high above Downtown L. a.. The two,396-square-foot luxury residence, priced at $3.575 million (not including furniture), is found at the 50th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, with inspiring, west and south-facing views. FENDI Casa has artfully composed a group of decor, furniture and prestigious objects that personify the FENDI style for homes.
“Uniting with FENDI Casa offers the precise opportunity to showcase stylish living because it exists only on the Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE,” said Kimberly Lucero Vp of Sales & Marketing. “The 12-foot heights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and unparalleled views of this penthouse join perfectly with the FENDI Casa lifestyle, represented by this superb collection”. Design highlights include: premiere sofa in champagne-colored leather, George Poltrona armchairs in cuoio (reddish brown) leather, Bernini dining table in walnut supported by two large central pillars,and Mirandus bookshelf in ice-grey, alligator high-gloss leather with 40” LCD TV integrated right into a mirror. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by FENDI Casa]

High-End Croatian Resort Overlooking the Adriatic Sea: Golden Rays Villa

Accommodating three generously-sized bedrooms, three bathrooms and boasting a floor area of three,595 square feet, this highly modern Croatian villa located within the town of Primošten seems especially developed to dazzle the minds of holiday makers worldwide. Golden Rays Villa 3 offers a striking modern design, a high degree of comfort and extensive views of the Adriatic from every room. The building is a part of a bigger resort together with similar rectangular villas spread along the Adriatic shoreline.The rocky hillside landscape was considered a collateral element to the design: “Aesthetically, Golden Rays is a welcome respite from the various uninspired hotels and resorts that dot the Croatian coastline. As opposed to overpower the cliffside and detract from the area’s distinct natural beauty, architects opted for environmental harmony and hand selected design elements. All of the seven villas includes a green roof and luxurious atrium garden, which permits the spacious, multi-tiered retreat to blend more seamlessly into the local flora”. An optimum indoor-outdoor connection was achieved, allowing guests to experience a real European holiday all of the way.

“Level” Shelving Unit Inspired by The main of Communicating Vessels

We love the idea that behind this minimalist shelving unit envisioned by Barcelona based designer Roger Moliné. Discovered on Likecool, Level was born from “a clear reference on this planet of hydraulic engineering; communicating vessels. These are a chain of vessels containing a homogeneous liquid. Due to the communication between vessels, the fluid moves until reaching an equilibrium level, no matter the inclination or orientation of the glasses”. The project is split in two parts which communicate with one another.
Despite its elegant and seamless fragile look, the shelving unit is sturdy and accordingly, very practical. Level incorporates two major elements: “The first are the pivots, they permit a formal grip on any type of wall and likewise articulate the movement of the material. These parts are composed of a shaft with bearings which permit rotation of the cylinder which supports the cloth. And second, canvas acrylic, which owing to its stiffness can hold any type of books”. We salute this innovative shelving idea and would certainly enjoy seeing it embedded in various interior design projects!

Stylish Origami Lightning Collection: “Folded” by Ariel Zuckerman

Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman recently shared an enchanting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. In line with the project developer, the “Folded” series deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques inclusive of folding, stretching and twisting, borrowed from the discipline of paper, and applying them to wooden sheets, resulted in a unique three dimensional appearance.

The material used to form the lighting is innovative. Veneer covered in an acrylic layer, leading to a natural wooden appearance but additionally incorporating the flexible attributes of plastic. The sheets thinness allows the sunshine to go through it and accentuate the feel. The weird lighting series includes the next items: table lamp, floor lamp, hanging from the wall and a chandelier, all available for purchase online on Etsy. Stylish and original, the gathering is straightforward to integrate in lots of contemporary interiors, adding that much needed lighting twist.

Framing Perfect Views In Every Room: Solitary Casa 115 in Mallorca

Nestled in a gorgeous natural location, overlooking the bay of Sant Vicenç in Pollença, Spain, this contemporary residence developed by architect Miquel Lacomba seems almost surreal. The topography of the location came with architecture challenges, creatively met: “The problems posed by the land were solved by stone walls containing land which give a platform for the housing. The assumption of journey as architectural experience, almost cinematographic, generates a series of spaces, finding a number of areas that link the internal with the outside in an intense way, involving the rocky surroundings and panoramic views”, stated the architects.
From afar, the imposing residence seems to dominate the whole landscape. Cascading down the hill, Casa 115 frames mesmerizing views in each of its interiors. The open plan living and dining space is attached through a wooden deck with the swimming pool. A number of the sustainable features employed by the architects for this project were cross ventilation, passive solar power collection and a roof cover designed with a floating floor that stops overheating during summer. [Photography: Miquel Lacomba and Mauricio Fuertes]

Visually Striking 3D Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup

Pushing the limitation of geometry and materials in home design, Arup (in close collaboration with Design Architect STUDIO MISHIN  Architectural Bureau’s Sergey Mishin and Katya Larina and Technical Architects Daniel Llofriu Pou, Alberto Arguimbau) has created a 3 dimensional and perforated copper staircase, especially designed as a focus for the Villa Mallorca project. Illumination accentuates the geometry of the perforations of the copper panels with dramatic lighting from above.
“The detailed design of the complex structure is predicated on a limited set of panel types and interface geometries to permit for a consistent appearance and an effective procurement. The installation is sequenced in this sort of way that the structural panels interlock with one another and a gentle substructure to reduce visible connections”, explained Jan Wurm, Arup´s Materials Practice Leader for Europe. The result’s a clad with almost 200m² of composite panel, including treated copper, bonded and structural timber with approximately 12,000 perforations made by a CNC water jet cutter. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by Arup]