Original Character of 19th Century Building Revitalized: The Pünktchen Project

We highly appreciate the redesign of this building in Germany, the results of a fruitful collaboration between Güth & Braun Architekten and DYNAMO Studio. The Pünktchen project consisted in adding a fashionable twist to a neoclassic house from mid 19th century, despite its decadent state: “The drive to bring back to life lingering and latent qualities by complementing them with a warm and contemporary design became the postulate of the project. The target was to synthesize a united entity feeding from the old and the brand new instead of pursuing contrast between them”, explained the architects.
While the most important facade of the home expresses loyalty to the classic origins of the building, the alternative side facing the garden is a collage of old and contemporary design. As you enter, creativity unfolds. The 3 levels of the residence are connected through a spiral-shape wooden staircase, setting a dynamic inner tone. Vaulted ceilings here, inclined walls there, splashes of color and surprising lighting sources make this place unique and galvanizing.