Unexpected Design Twists: Monte Serino Residence in San Francisco

Modern House Architects completed the design for Monte Serino Residence, a latest retreat located in San Francisco, USA. Structured on two levels, the residence includes a chain of open and closed spaces, envisioned in close connection to the encompassing landscape. The backside of the home opens up towards a big infinity pool and the luxurious greenery beyond, while lateral views reveal the neighboring shore. Glass doors, windows and an unexpected void (shaping up right into a creative terrace) on the second level contrast visually with the wooden wall paneling.
An open plan front room with tall ceilings sets the tone for a luxurious atmosphere. Each interior seems to expand outdoors and merge with the natural colors of our environment. Wood is present throughout, emphasizing at the traditional character of a few of the smaller rooms. Concrete and steel add a dynamic twist to the scheme. Large corridors framed by bookshelves ensure transition between spaces.

Imposing Family Residence in Bangkok Hiding Interior Design Treats

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Moom is a highly modern residence especially designed by Integrated Field for a family of 5. The brand new building was constructed next to the inhabitants’ former living retreat and a unique passage way ensures a great connection between the 2. a enormous white volume hosts the 3 floors, each having its own well defined function. Consistent with the official architects’ description, the residence accommodates one main bedroom with master bathroom for folks, two bedrooms and two bathrooms for the sons, a living/dining space, a working room, an open kitchen, a Thai kitchen and a lap pool.Several unexpected design additions add originality to the interiors. A triangular skylight at the rooftop and internal voids in every room allow natural lighting inside. The voids also provide natural ventilation for every room and visible connection for family. Wood is a vital functional and aesthetic think about the design scheme, in conjunction with other materials akin to steel frames, insulated glass or even fishnet from the sea liner.

Original Character of 19th Century Building Revitalized: The Pünktchen Project

We highly appreciate the redesign of this building in Germany, the results of a fruitful collaboration between Güth & Braun Architekten and DYNAMO Studio. The Pünktchen project consisted in adding a fashionable twist to a neoclassic house from mid 19th century, despite its decadent state: “The drive to bring back to life lingering and latent qualities by complementing them with a warm and contemporary design became the postulate of the project. The target was to synthesize a united entity feeding from the old and the brand new instead of pursuing contrast between them”, explained the architects.
While the most important facade of the home expresses loyalty to the classic origins of the building, the alternative side facing the garden is a collage of old and contemporary design. As you enter, creativity unfolds. The 3 levels of the residence are connected through a spiral-shape wooden staircase, setting a dynamic inner tone. Vaulted ceilings here, inclined walls there, splashes of color and surprising lighting sources make this place unique and galvanizing.

10 Essential Lawn Care Tips to your Late Summer Home

10 Essential Lawn Care Tips to your Late Summer Home

10 Essential Lawn Care Tips to your Late Summer Home

Is your lawn ready for the late summer?

Now that the summer is getting far from us, your lawn is under attack from the new summer sun, insects, and naturally foot traffic from entertaining guests and youngsters playing. While the summer might be ending in a couple of months, your lawn still has many more months of looking beautiful. Whether you’ve a sprawling estate with extensive landscaping otherwise you live in an urban neighborhood with more shrubbery than lawn, there are always lawn care tips which could help your outdoor home. Keep your curb appeal looking great and your lawn looking beautiful with these 10 tricks to keep it looking fresh during the late summer.  

1. Assess your lawn type and geographic location:

Determine what form of lawn you could have before you begin reading up on what kind of lawncare to accomplish. In lots of countries just like the America which you can study the Plant Zone in your state and municipality. This may enable you determine what’s the growing season to your lawn in addition to shrubbery and landscaping. It may also show you information for watering, soil, and lighting requirements on your geographic location.

What variety of lawn care is ideal in your geographical location?

2. Look for your own lawn and landscaping for signs of distress:

Once you might have determined your plant zone it’s now time to observe the climate of your individual lawn. Late summer usually means hotter sunrays for longer portions of the day. Monitor your grass to determine if certain spots are lacking water or have become attacked by seasonal bugs or maybe disease. Consider hiring a lawncare service for your area if you’re unfamiliar with local distress conditions your landscaping can endure. Shade trees, overhangs off of your house, and shade out of your home could help plants which are in distress from the sun, while people who aren’t shielded needs to be hearty plants.

3.  Don’t have a lawn? But prefer landscaping – here’s some tips:

For many houses, especially those within the suburbs or areas which have more hardscape than sprawling lawns – shrubbery and flowers are an exceptional approach to still soften your outdoor home with texture. Look for your local nurseries for plants that thrive in direct sun or in semi-shaded areas to plant in the direction of your property. Search for shrubbery which could withstand the climate year-around, not only the summer heat. This may ensure your plants will remain all year long. Flowering shrubbery is a smart alternative to grass lawns, as they supply another “show” of color in the course of the entire year.

Don’t have a lawn, shrubbery and colorful flowers need care too.

4. Get your soil tested if you’re concerned:

If you’re noticing your lawn isn’t growing or behaving like your neighbors it could possibly mean many factors. A lawn care service can perform a soil test or conduct other find out how to improve your lawn. Your immediate soil around your place may be lacking the proper nutrients, PH levels and other natural balances, required for healthy grass root development. Your soil may need aerating, cultivation on a periodic basis or loosening. This helps bring air into your soil and will help lawns which are need of increased growth stimulation and healthy nutrients.

5. Solve next season’s issues now, inside the late summer

While possible not comprehend it your lawn goes through cycles and all the work you do now, won’t show its outcome until next season, if not next year. Therefore, prepare your later summer lawn in preparation for the seasons to come back. Many late summer pests akin to chinch bugs, mole crickets, and ants are common in very warm climates. Every homeowner has their very own way of treating pests: chemicals, natural solutions and other remedies are common. Whichever you decide, take control on the first signs of problems. Brown spots, thinning grass and chewed blades of grass are signs of pests which may ruin your lawn for next season.

Look on your local nursery or remodeling garden center for local lawn advice.

6.  Selecting the correct fertilizer for late summer lawns

Your late summer lawn needs different fertilizer than the autumn or winter lawns. Reckoning on if in case you have are attempting to construct turf otherwise you are wanting a fertilizer so as to solve a selected problem may be depending on your location, condition of your grass and other local factors. Visit your local nursery or remodeling store and take pictures of your lawn’s problem spots and that they assist you to find the suitable fertilizer to your outdoor home. A generic ‘weed and feed’ variety could also be right in your neighbors, but you are able to need pest control – so consult before buying and spreading your fertilizer.

7. Rustic appeal in your landscaped outdoor home 

For many house owners who’ve a naturally landscaped theme around their home, a lawn is probably not of outrage. Wild flowers and shrubbery should be trimmed and kept tidy to maintain a well-manicured look on your outdoor home. Determine in case your outdoor home can have mulch and gravel beds in the direction of your house and wild flowers and shrubbery further clear of your house. This would assist you maintain the intent of your outdoor home, with no need to expire and trim your plants constantly.

a country outdoor home needs summer upkeep too!

8. Make sure you are mowing your lawn correctly

While you’ll not think that mowing your lawn could have any effect at the growth of your grass or its health, re-evaluate. Mowing your lawn with a lifeless blade lawnmower can shred the tops of grass and leave it looking bad and unkept. Grass that’s cut to low can lead to an excessive amount of sun reaching your lawns roots and cause it to burn. Similarly to a human with short hair not wearing a hat during direct sunrays – the similar is correct when cutting or “scalping” your grass too short. Ensure your lawnmower is ready at the correct height setting on your lawn.

9. Excessive dead grass may end up in unhealthy grass

If your lawn has dead grass that has accumulated in thickness, it could actually need dethatching or raking to take away the accumulated dead grass or “hay”. This would allow air and sunlight to achieve down into your healthy grass to advertise healthy growth stimulation.  Consult a lawn service professional in case you are unsure of ways much thatch to take away. Within the colder winter months, thatch might be useful protect the roots – so be sure to examine what stage your grass is in through the late summer.

Despite the fact that your lawn is small, learn what tips might actually help it look good into next season

10. Your hands are sometimes the highest tools in your lawn

If you’re experiencing occasional weeds around your late summer lawn, bend down and pull them by hand. Pulling up weeds from the foundation will remove the full plant rather than mowing over them and just clipping off the heads. Your lawn will look significantly better when you walk through it several times per week and pull stray weeds, other than solely counting on fertilizer and other chemical-based products.

Your lawn can look gorgeous this season – use these helpful tips to your late summer outdoor landscaping

Extravagant Modern Living in South Africa: SAOTA’s Kloof 151 Project

Kloof 151 project is a 3 storey building with parking envisioned and implemented by SAOTA in Cape Town, South Africa. The enormous entrance to the basement allows direct sunlight and a pleasantly warm entrance to the home. On the ground floor, the primary front room enjoys an ideal position overlooking Clifton. The vast majority of the living levels – including the open plan kitchen – open onto the big well covered terraces to the West or North facing the mountain slope and Lion’s Head.The acute heat and glare of the setting sun is addressed by the cantilevering balconies, extended irregular and striking hardwood screens and motorized vertical fabric blinds. These devices consisting of the performance glazing cause an all year round cool interior. The floor floor is bisected by a double volume to enhance the spatial experience and create a dialogue with the double volume stairwell towards the rear. The primary floor of the home accommodates 4 en-suite bedrooms, a gym and a studio space. To attenuate the effect of glare experienced on the house, the finishes palette is rich and in deep colors. Bedrooms are generally lighter and contemporary with accents of classic pieces of furniture and a fresh fabric selection that create tranquil spaces. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by SAOTA]

Easy methods to Create a Sensual Home

A sensual house is one who is relaxing and cushty. It’s inviting, welcoming, with an air of class and maturity. A sensual house is one where you are feeling as if you could have the capacity to escape the daily grind of today’s hectic world. In case your house is full of children and youths you might imagine to yourself that your house won’t ever feel or be sensual, but there’s no explanation why you can’t create no less than one sensual space you your house. Create a young person and child-free zone at the least!

Creating a Sensual Master Bedroom

Starting within the bedroom we have to set the tone for rest and relaxation adding comfort, calm and serenity. On this room you must keep the energy level low, soft and serene. Rich, masculine colors work well here, but do avoid high energy, jarring colors like vibrant yellows, greens, oranges, reds and sure blues. Opt instead for neutrals like greys and deep jewel tones. If there are kids in your house you’ll have to get them inside the habit of leaving their toys and other assorted items elsewhere. It’s never too early to show even the youngest child to out his or her toys away. When you’ve got very children and do would like to keep a couple of items on your room, designate a definite drawer or wicker basket that may be tucked right into a closet on the end of the day.

Make sure that each one electronics,reminiscent of phones, iPads and laptops) have a spot to be stored on the end of the day.  Incorporate quite a few soft materials that feel good at the skin inclusive of cool cottons, rich velvets and deep downs. Make certain your bed is as comfortable because it might be. Eliminate all clutter on dressers and side table drawers. Do usher in fresh flowers, candles and lamps with dim bulbs.  Hang a chic chandelier from the ceiling. Install dimmers to bypass jarring bright lights at night. Create a separate seating/reading area when you have the gap. Use gentle lighting there to boot. Herald area or cowhide rugs to create a texture of softness and heat underfoot. Have music available.

Creating a Sensual Guest Room

You want your guests to feel welcome and at home. You need to create an area that’s warm, inviting and relaxing, much as you probably did on your bedroom. You’ll concentrate on their comfort with soft textures like cottons and, silks if possible. Soft area rugs placed underfoot to hide hard floors. Lighting shall be ample enough to light the room at night, but you are going to offer lamps or have the most light activate a dimmer in order that when your guests retire to their room they could comfortably relax on the end of the day. Provide shades or heavy curtains to maintain out the morning sun.

Place a vase of freshly cut flowers on a table to give a feeling a peace and quietness, maybe even a candle or two. Place a radio within the room and a diffusion of magazines and books to supply as reading materials. The walls on your guest room could be much for your liking, but as with the main bedroom it’s your decision to prevent bright and vicious colors. It’s your decision to decide on a fun wallpaper, in case you do it’s your decision to compliment a very easy bedding by sticking with whites and neutrals. White bedding, especially in bedrooms gives a crisp, clean feel to the distance.

Creating a Sensual Master Bathroom

If you’ve got children, this may rather well be the sole room where you could go completely undisturbed! This room, therefore ought to be without all electronics together with telephones, and particularly cellphones. Do make it a rule to maintain anything that should be plugged in, save for hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors, out of this room altogether. Opt for softer, more neutral colors, or colors that give a feeling of calm like pale greens and blues that make one think about the ocean and her calming effects.  Stick with clean, smooth lines and whether your style is classic or contemporary, use materials which are softer at the eye and to touch, corresponding to marbles, stones and reclaimed woods.

Opt for the supplest, softest towels you could find and afford. Place your lights on dimmers or usher in lamps or wall sconces with dimmer bulbs. Add freshly cut flowers on your sink area and crisp white candles on your bath area. Give some thought to placing the bath or shower near an unlimited window – as long as your neighbors aren’t immediately around the street! Or consider installing a giant skylight overhead to let the natural light in in the course of the day and to stare upon the moon and the celebs above in the course of the night! Large stone tubs and Jacuzzis add instant sensuality to a toilet. Herald the music.

Creating a Sensual Living Room

A sensual lounge isn’t an area where toys and loud children’s voices reside. A sensual lounge is only the alternative. It’s a place to visit escape the energy and activity of the youth. This is a place to rest, unwind and relax on the end of a hectic day. This is a place to head where you’ll be able to kick off one’s shoes and put his feet up. A sensual lounge is one who is more adult in appearance, feel and attitude. Add soft textures, leathers, suedes, furs, animal skins. For colors, much as with the master suite, stick to neutrals and jewel tones. It is advisable to create and keep a feeling of calm and never high, jarring energy that could occur when brighter colors are used.

Incorporate heavier materials in the course of the cooler months like velvets and chenilles and turn over to cottons, linens and lightweight sheers in the summer. Keep clutter to a minimum.Be certain any childrens items are safely put away and out of sight. Be conscious of your lighting again. You’ll are looking to provide ample lighting for reading and such, but you have to ensure that there’s a way to tone it down on the end of the day when needed. As with the alternative rooms, and it goes without saying at this point, add flowers and candles. When the season is true do use that fireside, or place large white pillars in it in order that it may well still be used in the course of the warmer months of the year. Don’t forget the music!

Creating a Sensual Dining Room

A sensual dining room is one which seems elegant and complicated. It’s one for the adults and grown-up conversation whether discussion is set politics, the humanities, literature or life in most cases – all cerebral. It’s a room this is quiet in tone and feel save for when the guests arrive after which becomes animated and musical with conversation, laughter and the clinking of silverware against china and classes for toasts.

A sensual dining room can be a deep grey or red, even a dramatic and daring black. Here there is an introduction of metals, brasses, golds, chromes, even crystal chandeliers that hang from above. Lights would be dimmed, woods can be dark and soft. The flooring can be hardwood and covered with a massive soft rug, perhaps certainly one of natural fibers or maybe an animal hide. The sensual dining table might be neither fussy nor cluttered but may host a centerpiece or two for extra color or texture. Music, especially jazz, adds to the sensual dining room ambiance.

Creating a Sensual Kitchen

This could appear a little bit an oxymoron as any bustling household may find this room to look more chaotic than calm. Teenagers constantly barraging through, invading cupboards and refrigerators like thieves within the night! Leaving their messes all around the place… spills on counter-tops, containers unnoticed and opened, dirty plates within the the sink and empty wrappers tossed haphazardly into the rubbish, only to finish up at the kitchen floor. Kitchens with children and teens are more apt to resemble against the law scene than have any affiliation with the word sensual! Since we can’t thoroughly keep our teens from this room, there are things we are able to do to check out to create a sensual space inside the busiest room of the home.

Before anything, and maybe the simplest thing to do is to eliminate all clutter. Our kitchens are inclined to collect clutter faster than every other room in the home.

Keep countertops away from all items and clutter, yet a bowl of fruit or a container of wooden spoons and spatulas can certainly make themselves at home here. Subsequently, this room should feel lived in. Whether your style is aesthetically modern or traditional, a sensual kitchen is one who embraces many textures from smooth linear metals to soft yet deep and rich woods. It’s one which has a more sophisticated feel. A sensual kitchen, just like the other rooms, is warm and alluring, comfortable enough to stick and linger over a warm cup of coffee or glass of wine.

A sensual kitchen can have lighting this is in places bright enough for prep work, and soft enough for quiet conversation. A sensual kitchen may have a hardwood floor or person who is marble. It is going to actually have a few washable area rugs underfoot. A sensual kitchen can really be any color and house appliances of any color. A sensual kitchen is one who is frequently used and enjoyed. The sounds and the aromas of cooking most definitely add to the total sensuality during this room. A sensual kitchen shouldn’t be too bare as to depart one wondering whether the ovens and stoves have ever been used before!

How sensual is your house?