Ingenious Apartment Design For a tender Couple: 0710 Duplex PZG

Welcome to an inspiring modern duplex packed full with creative design solutions. Envisioned by n232 Arquitectura and found in Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain, the 160 sqm apartment was developed consistent with the wishes of a tender couple, who wanted a customised living space: “The spatial solution isn’t conventional, as a result flip of the ground use present in a standard duplex. The foremost access and social area are within the upper level, while the bedrooms and more private zone are within the lower one”, explained the architects.
The open plan social zone (expanding in a deck terrace) is enhanced by some of elements providing character and functionality: “the stairwell divides the kitchen from the living and dining area; a column covered with mirrors gives back polyhedral vision of where; and at last the black background cupboard that offers different use depending of the gap: library, multimedia shelves, wardrobe, electrical cabinet, main door, toilet door, chalkboard”. The lower floor of the 0710 Duplex project is characterized by a more protective and intimate approach. Benefit from the details!