Discreet Charm and Clever Design Solutions: Beam&Block House

Based at the concept of “less is more”, mode:lina office designed Beam&Block House, a contemporary 140 sqm house in Poznań, Poland displaying clever design solutions. Scandinavian style, clients’ favorite, is represented by materials like raw concrete and wood. White and dark grey shades with ubiquitous energetic yellow color add to the combo. Paintings, designer furniture and accessories take the heart stage, because the owners made it clear they wanted a house that reflected their artistic personalities: “We don’t want the entire room to be about TV. We’ve got some books, some albums also, it’d be nice to show them. Fireplace same as TV – we would like it nevertheless it has to be discreet.” Front room space used to be again dictated by a minimalistic attitude..

The space under the steps was maximized – there’s even a dog house! Sliding doors and their mirror surface offer the appearance of a generously-sized room. An island was a dream for the kitchen area – it truly is perfect for the owners’ quick meals: “During working days our breakfast is ultra fast (She doesn’t eat anything, he eats while leaving house). We celebrate weekend meals, that’s why we want a major dining table.” Bedroom is hooked up with wardrobe. Again, raw materials and grey shades are combined with energetic yellow color, matching the bottom floor. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by mode:lina office]


Residential Project in Mexico Advocating Deconstructive Design: Casa Gòmez

The assumption of distorting and fragmenting walls, roofs or interior volumes is the idea for the architecture current called “Deconstructivism”. Casa Gòmez developed by SO Studio in Cancun, Mexico is a residential project exhibiting the up-mentioned characteristics. The avant-garde building looks visually created by broken rhythms, randomly positioned walls and unexpected inclinations.In line with the architects, “the design is organized by combining interior and exterior areas as a single space through big hidable windows, thus favouring the foremost views to the canal and the hotel zone of Cancun. The selecting of fabrics and textures was key to create unusual environments of marked avant-garde tendency, combining the balance some of the apparent concrete walls, granite and wooden flooring, big windows and the glass and alluminum covers, besides specific Bisazza mosaic accents”. Clearly visible from distant, Casa Gòmez adds to the list of highly modern Mexican landmarks.

Imposing House With Volumes and a feeling of Privacy by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

Located near Madrid, this spectacular home designed by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects displays a fascinating structure. The surprising contrast of brown and white makes the home look dynamic and playful. What makes it much more interesting is the circular wall that encompasses the home itself, offering a feeling of privacy. To be more specific, the Moraleja House, the house of a family of 5, aims to reconnect the inhabitants with the character. “In a generic world, increasingly faraway from the character, this house was projected combining the individuality of where with the explicit wishs of  the buyer who desires to protect his privacy  but remain in permanent conctact with the exterior world as a non-public space . Wishes that during time and space are hardly compatible.” Behind the circular wall, there are a sequence of patios nicely decorated, where you will enjoy coffee, fresh air and the corporate of a pricey friend. The home spreads over two floors, being spacious, yet warm. The bottom floor accommodates the guest bedroom, a library, a games room, the open space front room, the dining room and the service area. The four bedrooms with patios gym and study can be found on the upper floor. Elegant and classy, the inner feels breezy and uncluttered. The cut outs, the beautiful decorations, the sunshine, the angles, the neutral colours, the “touch of urban” (the graffiti wall) event the lighting system make this house unique. 

Most costly Home inside the US: Copper Beech Farm, Connecticut

The photos below depict an enthralling looking building in Connecticut dating back to the 1890s, surrounded by a 50-acre property. However the unusual fact about this mansion is that it was currently listed on the market at a striking ticket of $190, officially making it the most costly home within the US! Based on Business Insider, Copper Beech Farm has 15,000 square feet of living space, 7,000 square feet of basement and attic space, and an 1,800-foot-long driveway.  Other features include a grass tennis court, many gardens, apple orchard, greenhouses, 75-foot-long heated pool, and a carriage house.

The property currently belongs to magnate John Rudey, CEO and President of the yankee Forest Services, who admitted some further work must be done so as to increase the functionality of te building: “Mr. Rudey, for instance, had plans drawn as much as design a kitchen off the dining room, because the main kitchen is within the basement, which was a part of the employees quarters. There are old speaking tubes from pre-electricity days and sleeping porches, which have been once utilized in warmer months before air-con was the norm“.  Benefit from the virtual tour and let us know what you’re thinking that!

10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interiors

10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interiors

10 Ways Window Design can Influence your Interiors

Frame the view of a life-time with these 10 window design ideas

Ask any homeowner what the head amenity that they love about their home and their response is often the views and the situation. If truth be told, many house owners can stand to live in a smaller home if it means they may have a fantastic view, and the windows that deliver this view is vital. Every room at your residence can cash in on beautiful windows and there’s countless variety of design styles to choose between. In case you have been searching for how to brighten your interiors, look for your windows. Listed here are 10 ways your home’s window design can influence your interiors.

1. Natural light is a source of healthy living: 

Humans aren’t any different than green plants. When placed in a natural lit room they grow beautifully and when kept at nighttime they wilt and may eventually die. Natural light is the source for our body, mind, spirit and connectivity to the outside and is a first-rate source for healthy living. Despite how your window looks, ensure your house has a source of natural light in every room, when possible.

Choose a window that go withs your room

2. Choosing windows that compliment the room:

If you’re fortunate enough to plot out the design of your house with an architect or contractor, consider the gap the window should be placed in. Tall ceilings and voluminous rooms may gain advantage from clearstory windows high above the bottom or multistory windows which are typical in atriums and multistory foyers. Smaller rooms can still benefit from plentiful sunlight and views with windows which have a lower sill height to the ground. Choose a method that takes into consideration your room’s best features.

3. Framing the best view outside your house:

There is nothing quite like waking as much as a picturesque view of the sea through floor to ceiling glass windows or enjoying town lights below through your curtain wall windows of your urban loft. Windows are greater than just openings within the wall, they assist you capture the outside and produce them into your house. If designing your property from the start, determine what perfect views it is advisable capture first after which choose a window so one can enhance it.

Skylights offer your room another source for gorgeous lighting

4. Opening your ceiling view with skylights:

Another wonderful method to make the most natural light is thru skylights. Your ceiling or “5th wall” has always been a surface that many householders ignore when designing their interiors. Skylights offer privacy and a source of natural light to rooms that normally couldn’t as a result of loss of space for windows on exterior walls. Skylights also function a design feature and are available in fixed and operable varieties and you’ll install window treatments over them for light control.

5. Consider a wide range of opacities to your privacy needs:

Do you’ve that room in your house where you could like to have natural light pour in but you wish to have privacy too? Bathrooms are a primary example of where privacy is priority but bringing in light is besides. Consider various opacity levels on your window style. Transparent glass you will discover straight through, while translucent glass is usual in glass block windows in bathrooms. The view is obscured but natural light can still enter. There are lots of window manufacturers that supply numerous windows in your privacy and design specifications.

Clerestory framed windows on this bathroom enable a mirror to be placed

6. Clerestory windows let in light but leave valuable wall space free

In many houses wall space is at a premium. Whether you’re an art collector and prefer to display wall artwork otherwise you prefer privacy on certain exteriors walls, clerestory windows are the most effective solution. Clerestory windows can be found high off the finish floor level, usually as regards to the roofline to still enable natural light to pour in but frees up valuable wall space. Additionally they are used as a design feature by architects to offer the looks of the roofline as floating above the structure and might be utilized in various applications.

Clerestory windows release valuable wall space

7. Design your windows across the orientation of your property

If you’re within the planning stages of your place consider the geographic location of your house and the way your home would be situated for your property based on the sun. Architects and contractors alike will inform you to “walk the property” when choosing design features of your private home. You are able to not like to put a window wall of glass in a bedroom where the early sun wakes you if you’re a late riser! Similarly look into climatic changes and seasonal changes in your area to maximise cold and hot temperature changes when selecting the best window.

8. Use a lot of configurations and dimensions of windows for visual interest

There are not any specific design rules relating to choosing window styles and sizes and therefore let your design side pop out when choosing the ideal ones! Many architects desire to play with voids and solid space on walls and place windows in interesting configurations which are appealing to the attention in addition to takes advantages of lovely views. From rectilinear and curvilinear varieties to custom shaped windows look to window manufacturers to look all the options available to you.

Get creative with different shape and sizes of windows

9. Look to solar glazing to save lots of energy and your furnishings

Another consideration when choosing windows is how much heat gain and loss through your glazing or windows is transmitted. Several window manufacturers sell solar glazing or windows that keep more harmful Ultraviolet or UV light from penetrating into your private home. We already know the aptitude harmful affects of UV light when outdoors however the light may also fade your furniture and finishes to boot.

Create an artwork window wall with the view

10. Use your window wall because the “artwork” in your interiors

There isn’t any better piece of wall art than nature. When choosing colors and finishes in your rooms look outside to the view to get inspiration. A kitchen that overlooks a fantastic garden through picture frame windows would possibly not desire a lot of color to compete with the gorgeous view. Windows will help reinvent your interiors by utilizing the view as inspiration!

Freshome readers we’d like to hear how your windows inspire your home’s design.

Daring Geometry: Black And White House in Kent Sliced Up Into Irregular Shapes

Spotted onThe interior is characterised by simplicity and style. There’s a limited palette of colors utilized in defining the décor (white, black and gray). a gorgeous suspended fireplace occupies the core of the lounge. Quite stylish and provoking, the internal grants the sensation of neatness and immaculacy.  The excellent news is that the six bedroomed house is on the market! You’ll discover additional info in regards to the price, right here. Good luck!