Nature-Inspired Furniture With Cleverly Integrated Cupboard space: Pebble Table

Mikhail Belyaev‘s Pebble Table comes with an original semi-oval shape and a glossy white finish, making it an exceptional match for up to date interior design schemes, in addition for out of doors leisure spaces. The character-inspired furniture piece contains a pitcher surface continued below with a graceful storage section.

Combining practicability with modern elegance looks on the core of this design. The table-top can be utilized as a working surface in an office or as an area to serve coffee, it’s that versatile. Moreover, its owner can store a number of items within the compartment below, so long as the ‘”stack” doesn’t become unaesthetic. The lateral gaps within the material add a nice visual treat in addition to the chance to seize and place objects easier. Employed as an out of doors furniture object, the Pebble Table draws attention on itself compared with the natural elements around.