Tribute to Peaceful Living: Elegant Coodo Modular Units

We instantly fell for these minimalist modular units envisioned by Kranj-based design studio Coodo! Briefly, a coodo is a frame with nicely rounded corners whose walls are manufactured from glass with the heating, cooling, installation, and gear systems concealed within the walls, floor and ceiling. Essentially the mostsome of the most appealing feature of the project (initially discovered on Adelto) is that owners can place the unit wherever they need- on water, on a meadow etc- and that the internal spaces could be personalized design-wise.
The concept derived naturally from a social need: “At present we’re noticing growing changes in people’s lifestyles that decision for brand spanking new sorts of dwelling. The gap is becoming increasingly valuable and home architecture is rapidly changing, from building classic family houses to creating smaller prefabricated residence buildings which are thoughtfully designed, manufactured from excellent contemporary materials and feature much greater connection to nature surrounding it. In such spaces the standard of life improves immensely”, explained the designers. Coodo is very customizable and is currently available in five versions: multifunctional pavilion, pergola, summer kitchen, mobile living units and home building.

Gorgeous Summer House With Beach View in Chile

Rabanua House was envisioned as a summer vacation house, where times of rest can wonderfully be combined with other form of activities. Spacious and breezy, the home features several volumes and cut outs that favour stunning views over the sea, on one of many sides. The project was designed by DX Arquitectos in Coquimbo Region, Chile, spreading on 280 square meters. The overpowering site embraces solitude and relaxation, disconnecting you from the routine. The owners are a family inclusive of three generations, so the concept of relaxing and spending quality time faraway from home needed to be implemented in various forms. The best benefit of this house is its location. The home overlooks the beach and the water. Each morning is a reason to enjoy life and explore the endless blue dimension, when you hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.Rabanua Home is besides gorgeous and modern, an oasis of peace and serenity, a temple for the body, mind and soul. The home is split in two different living areas (marked through two different concrete blocks) united through a clear gallery that permits circulation and communicates with the remainder of the home. Moreover, the internal exhales transparence and brightness, establishing also a distinct relationship between the inner living space and the outside. The panoramic views are the house’s greatest asset.

Secluded House Integrated in a Forest Reserve: The Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat

According to Russian architect Nicholas Lyzlov who developed Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat, the landlord wanted a crib that was “closed from the neighbors, but in addition completely open to nature. The rear facade of the home is entirely open – there are huge windows and the entire rooms can see the forest. The home is sort of a fairytale.” Brick and wood were chosen as exterior finishes, strongly rooting the project in its environment, a forest reserve in Benelux where local regulations only allowed building on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).
As you step inside, the soberness slowly melts or even though you’re greeted by rooms with tall ceilings, the entire sensation is that of heat and coziness. The colourful ceiling within the lounge adds just a little playfulness to an interior where social interaction is thus encouraged. The other details you locate appealing?
The residence was integrated in a forest reserve in Benelux, where building was only allowed on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).

Nature-Inspired Furniture With Cleverly Integrated Cupboard space: Pebble Table

Mikhail Belyaev‘s Pebble Table comes with an original semi-oval shape and a glossy white finish, making it an exceptional match for up to date interior design schemes, in addition for out of doors leisure spaces. The character-inspired furniture piece contains a pitcher surface continued below with a graceful storage section.

Combining practicability with modern elegance looks on the core of this design. The table-top can be utilized as a working surface in an office or as an area to serve coffee, it’s that versatile. Moreover, its owner can store a number of items within the compartment below, so long as the ‘”stack” doesn’t become unaesthetic. The lateral gaps within the material add a nice visual treat in addition to the chance to seize and place objects easier. Employed as an out of doors furniture object, the Pebble Table draws attention on itself compared with the natural elements around.

Contemporary House in Austria Exhaling Transparence With Staggering View Over the Mountains

Located nearby the Walgau and Rätikon mountains in Austria, this modern house designed by Aicher Ziviltechniker GmbH is a spot where serenity reigns. Clear of the town rush, this splash of contemporary architecture nestled within the idyllic site of Vorarlberg exudes tranquility, emphasising the values of a peaceful lifestyle. It’s said that the folks living in gracious harmony with our surroundings are the happiest. Our House Gulm is therefore, a shelter of happiness. The home is found near the forest, so if you feel such as you have to recharge your batteries or clear your thoughts, you may simply opt for a walk and hear the nature’s blissful symphony.House Gulm is structured on two levels, it features floor-to-ceiling windows and oak furniture. “Heart of the home is the doorway hall with both-storey rammed earth wall. The horizontal layer structure and the narrow vertical slits are typical features of this wall sculpture. Even the ground of the hall was product of loam. At the ground floor there are the garage, the foyer, lounge, dining room and the kitchen.” The 1st floor accommodates the more private areas, akin to the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The internal is stylish and bright, uncluttered and flooded by the sun’s light and heat.