Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors open upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to be able to save space. These doors are easy to maintain and may be economical in terms of space saving. This kind of construction enables you to make full space use in front and inside the garage. Therefore, sectional garage doors can be fitted in the garage opening and thus it offers a wider passage width and is optimally sealed. Here are varieties of sectional garage doors:


Here are made differently for instance single size, double size, security features and color options. Their security is well improved and therefore, reliable as theft of the vehicle cannot easily take place.


This is a modern door style. They have 10 years warranty and also, optimum level of security is guaranteed. It comes with fully complete fixing frame and all fixings. This door opens vertically for to provide for space.


These kinds of doors are available as classic, premium and standard doors giving different level of thermal insulation.


The kind of doors is for classic buildings. Paneled door style ranges from 1-to-9-panel configurations. Customers are also allowed to customize looks that they are attracted to.


It enhances access into the garage without hindrances or interferences since it has a door in the door. Only Horman offers a wicket door that has stainless steel threshold. This makes it easier to wheel things through. The top garage door section comes with a continuous lintel seal.

The mention sectional garage doors are the best and can see you solve your problems of finding the right choice of your garage door.