Chapel With Redwood Cladding on the Catholic Campus Ministry in Dayton, Ohio

Located within the Wright State University’s campus, this contemporary catholic chapel was built on a green plot of land, to bring peace and quietness and help students disconnect from their stressful learning routine. a straightforward concept, a minimalistic design and the spirit of nature flooding the distance – that is what the architects, responsible with the project, had in mind. The St. John Bosco Chapel was designed by The Collaborative Inc in Dayton, Ohio, to reunite students of all faiths.The redwood cladding is the very first thing you get to work out while you notice that there’s a chapel nearby the campus centre. It’s a bit of unusual, yes, however the St. John Bosco Chapel defines itself as a neutral place, that “serves students despite religious affiliation”, therefore,  it looks less traditional than the remainder of the Christian chapels on the market. “The flexible Chapel seats 250 and the middle includes small meeting spaces, lounges, and a kitchen. All spaces are designed to be adapted to a range of different sized meetings and special events.”