Extremely Versatile Walk-in Closet: DRESSWALL by ANYWAYdoors

“DRESSWALL” is a modular walk-in closet structure that uses vertical profiles attached to a wall, fixed between floor and ceiling and even free floating like within the photos underneath. It’s a modern and flexible system with high-end designed components to make certain the highest quality. Material wise, the vertical profiles and frames for the floating shelves are made of natural color anodized aluminum. The finishing material for the floating shelves and drawer boxes are produced from 3mm thick Resopal Massiv, a high scratch resistant material that’s also really easy to wash. The gathering for DRESSWALL include 35 different unicolor and wood-print finishes, but all colors from Resopal come in on special request.
The built-in LED lighting will be functional in addition create mood. The optional white glass against the wall doesn’t only look nice, nonetheless it also acts as a finish for the wall so no painting is required and it reflects the LED light + it’s a breeze to wash. Under the motto ‘anything might be improved’ ANYWAYdoors conceived the DRESS A METHOD DRESSWALL. As an instance, the whole back wall of a room may be made functional by a visible floating open system. With shelves, clothes rods or desk tops for an open dressing unit, office, library, study corner or maybe TV unit. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by ANYWAYdoors]