Historical Fragments Meet Modern Design: The rustic Zash Boutique Hotel in Sicily

There are places where time stops for your time, allowing you to respire and revel in the little things in life. Those places that appear blessed and privileged, where persons are blissful and relaxed, where the sun is your friend and the serene evenings spread a sweet and lightweight scent of summer, those are the places where you absolutely forget the urban hectic life, press pause to all of your problems, set your spirit free and also you embrace life. Within the enchanting region of Sicily, there’s this lovely resort called the rustic Zash Boutique Hotel, a powerful blend of old and new, on the way to explore different sides of Eastern Sicily. The hotel is a restoration project, defined and completed by Antonio Iraci.The hotel is born from an old winery, yet it has suffered serious transformations, becoming a chic and comfort vacation resort. “Zash is the deep nature of a valid, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air in the leaves, the burst of a gesture in its flowing movements, it’s one of the crucial infinite sounds which may only be heard and enjoyed by living within the countryside.” The distance is particularly inspirational because that there are still historical fragments that remained untouched by the “contemporary wave”. Despite this splash of old, the furniture is extremely modern and comfy. Probably the most rooms are connected to the outside greater than you could possibly expect them to be (glass walls that let the sun and the character to sneak inside conveniently).