Minimalist Box-Shaped House by Yoshihiro Yamamoto: Danchi Hutch

Yoshihiro Yamamoto, manager of Osaka-based architecture office YYAA sent us photos and data about Danchi Hutch, a trendy residence the team recently completed in Kyoto. This house was especially designed for a craftsman and his mother, who had previously lived in a small apartment within the same area: “Danchi is a notorious Japanese housing complex. Because it is simply too narrow, it is usually called The rabbit hutch. When the buyer consulted us to construct their new residence, they requested a design of a narrow house although the location was large enough“.
The minimalist two-storey Japanese box-shaped home accommodates a garage at ground level and two traditional Japanese rooms with a kitchen above. Sliding partitions were added as a way to better organize the gap when needed. Walls, floors and ceilings are covered in timber boards. Natural lighting is authorized inside through generously-sized glass doors. [Photography is by Yohei Sasakura]