Minimalist Gottshalden House Blending With The golf green Surroundings

Overlooking Lake Zürich, in Winterthur, Switzerland, the Gottshalden Home is a soothing three-storey home, characterised by a clean, unified design. The house’s exterior is all covered in timber cladding. Located in a tranquil and quiet place, far from town rush, the home, dominated by rustic nuances, is surrounded by green scenery.  The picturesque home was designed by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten in order to fulfill the expectancies of the clients. The sharp-angled timber facade offer a considerable amount of privacy without transforming it right into a dark, poorly lit house. The simple, angular dream-like house integrates perfectly into the landscape, unveiling a breezy and uncluttered interior.The L-shaped floor plan boasts oak plank ceilings, flush-mounted windows that supply framed views of the relaxing, fresh surroundings and the priceless feeling of freedom. Wood is the foremost material utilized in defining the inside: from ceilings, to floors, to furniture -everything exhales warmth, comfort and rusticity. The inner is correctly ventilated and the flooded by light. Even though the home seriously isn’t “filled” with too many personalised items this can be a welcoming and warm home environment. You may get the maximum of it at dusk, when it simply promises the sensation that it glows and exhales life.