Railway sleepers

Various ways in which railway sleepers can be used to improve the garden include, building a raised bed.This is done by first choosing where to put the raised bed, then lay the sleepers on the selected ground in a square or rectangular shape. Fasten the sleepers together using the screws. In case you want the raised bed to be higher you stack up a second or a third layer. Then attach a plastic membrane to create a barrier between the railway creepers and the wet soil, fill the raised bed with soil and Finally, plant some crops in the raised bed.

The railway can also be used to build a retaining wall. This can be done by placing the retaining walls upright or vertically.Building a retaining wall upright is done by digging a trench upright, lower the railway sleepers side by side and fill with the concrete until the wall is firm. Building horizontally can be done by laying the sleepers on a level surface, overlap the joints of the sleepers from layer to layer while fastening them with screws.