Stylish Origami Lightning Collection: “Folded” by Ariel Zuckerman

Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman recently shared an enchanting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. In line with the project developer, the “Folded” series deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques inclusive of folding, stretching and twisting, borrowed from the discipline of paper, and applying them to wooden sheets, resulted in a unique three dimensional appearance.

The material used to form the lighting is innovative. Veneer covered in an acrylic layer, leading to a natural wooden appearance but additionally incorporating the flexible attributes of plastic. The sheets thinness allows the sunshine to go through it and accentuate the feel. The weird lighting series includes the next items: table lamp, floor lamp, hanging from the wall and a chandelier, all available for purchase online on Etsy. Stylish and original, the gathering is straightforward to integrate in lots of contemporary interiors, adding that much needed lighting twist.