The Fascination of White Minimalism: House With Gardens in Japan

Located in a quiet residential district of Yokohama, Kanawaga, Japan, the irregular-shaped white house designed by Tetsuo Kondo is the house  of a family of 4 (parents and two kids). The compact wooden white house encompasses a small garden, like many of the Japanese homes. Modern and functional, the structure surprises you its a novel shape, cut outs and spaciousness. From the attic that you can view of the skyline of Yokohama city but that doesn’t mean that the home has that urban feel embedded around the world. The back of the home offers a chilled view over a lush forest. The owners are very lucky for the reason that that they live in a home adapted to the urban standards, yet they could still make the most of the nature’s wonders.
Each room is organised vertically. The internal is characterised by a minimalist all-white design line and the most important material utilized in defining it really is wood. Small gardens are placed nearby the rooms, embellishing the internal living space and making a relaxing and snug home ambience. “These gardens, or intermediate spaces, not just connect the inside to the outside spaces but are common spaces for the family. Although each room is independent, these non-specific areas allow the rooms to increase and blend with one another creating new spaces with each use. It also allows the family to circulate the small house in lots of alternative ways.”