Sustainable 90 Sqm Residence in Mexico City: Casa Calero

The creative minds at DCPP arquitectos completed the design and development of Casa Calero, a captivating 90 square meter home in Mexico City. The major challenge of the project was to reuse the materials of an already existing construction at the site and envision a comfy living space with limited resources. Due to these premises, Casa Calero was delivered at a price of roughly 25% of a standard modern residence of an analogous size.
Recycled wood was the primary element employed within the design, covering both aesthetic and structural needs: “The remainder material becomes the development itself and is treated and used with honesty, it really is reused but not modified. Jointly a recycling conscience is generated making this construction sustainable in all aspects, not just in ecological terms but additionally social and theoretical”. Cardboard tubes borrowed from a material store were embedded within the roof  for thermal and acoustic insulation. We certainly benefit from the outcome!