Uniquely Built Sustainable House in Ballarat, Australia by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Rachcoff Vella Architecture designed this Piermont project, a personal residence located in Ballarat, Australia, back in 2012. Uniquely built and inspired by the wilderness, the home features three wings, spreading out into the landscape, as a way to connect the home with the location. It took 12 months to completely develop the plan and another twelve to finish the project. Functional and sustainable, Piermont showcases an intriguing design, with contours respecting the lines of the land and a comfortable interior, characterised by openness and transparence. Sustainability played a tremendous role in defining the project: the house’s orientation favours sunlight in the course of the winter and it comes equipped with hydronic slab heating, solar hot water system and photovoltaic panels.The only plan home is divided in several areas (wings). The intersection of those areas (wings) is an oblong glass box, housing the kitchen, the dining area and a small luminous front room. The glass box allows an honest circulation into the house’s wings and it favours social interaction. It’s also the brightest area. The Piermont house features also an external swimming pool and a small and coquette lounge area.