Modern Wind Vault House Displaying a unusual Barn-Like Roof in Singapore

Wind Vault Home is a thrilling contemporary house in Singapore, designed by The Wind Vault Home is a 3-storey home, with seven bedrooms, bright and uncluttered. The open plan front room is strongly connected to the outside. There aren’t any walls, only glass panels.  This concept “encourages the intermingling of area, whether one moves via the garden, residing or dining. The perceived spatial boundary will not be architecturally delineated in a traditional sense, but by a soldier-line of narrow polyalthia trees along the bounds of the website.” White, breezy and connected to the outside, this interior “screams” vacation.  A wooden staircase adorned with glass allows vertical circulation and a luscious marble floor adds a hint of class to this place.

Water Frenzy-Driven Residential Project in Odessa by Drozdov & Partners

One of the key feature of Water Patio House designed by 

A spacious front room full of natural light sets the tone for a bright and airy house. Wood has a large role within the overall design scheme, diminishing the size of the interiors and adding coziness. The colour palette is straightforward so as to emphasize what’s beyond the windows. A visually captivating central stairway leads how you can the bedrooms, where the views are equally impressive.