Rustic Irregular-Shaped House With Spending View Over The environment in Japan

Kure City is a seaside city, near Hiroshima, in Japan. Both modern and standard, town has a gentle climate, historical buildings, a strong port and wonderful surroundings. The home of Uchigami is a recently built house with rustic influences, on a hill. The home offers a lovely living experience, due to enchanting views and the comfy interior. Built with natural stone (both the outside walls and the roof), the picturesque home boasts an irregular shape, which makes it quite unique and fascinating, from an architectural viewpoint and most of all, visible from afar. The project was designed by Keisuke Kawaguchi + K2-Design.The inside captures dramatic framed views of the location. It’s quite an inspiring and relaxing home environment, that boosts the sensation of freedom and breeziness. Regardless that you’re sitting comfortable on your front room, at the couch you get the most effective view: you notice the port, the ocean and the sky. The open space front room has sliding floor-to-ceiling windows in preference to walls, allowing the sun to floor it with light and heat. You’ll observe the country influences sprinkled in the course of the house: the kitchen furniture is manufactured from solid wood, the floors, the staircase and last, but not least, the window frames.

Irresistible Interior Decorated by Pepe Calderin Design Inspiring Comfort and class

The Picot Residence is a phenomenal penthouse apartment with gorgeous decorations and precious furniture items designed by Pepe Calderin Design, in Ny city. Inspiring and stylish, the apartment tells the tale of the enchanting items that adorn it. an impressive mixture of colours and materials are displayed: daring red ornaments meet dark nuances, wood meets leather. Smooth textures add a dash of class. The lighting system plays a massive role in making a special ambience. Elegance and preciousness define this space.The designers weren’t afraid to apply colours, bringing a fresh, energetic and a visionary method of the design process. The result’s a vivid interior, an area that ”has no boundaries, and has endless possibilities.” There aren’t any doors. Subsequently, a fluid space is created, making the apartment look larger than it actually is. With a phenomenal and relaxing view over city’s skyline, the Picot Residence is among the most amazing homes we’ve ever seen. The all-white bedroom inspires tranquility, while the library area connects the viewer with the outside through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Striking Penthouse at the 50th Floor of The Ritz-Carlton Residences in L.A.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, with Luxury Living, exclusive retailer of FENDI Casa, has created a brand new penthouse model high above Downtown L. a.. The two,396-square-foot luxury residence, priced at $3.575 million (not including furniture), is found at the 50th floor of The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE, with inspiring, west and south-facing views. FENDI Casa has artfully composed a group of decor, furniture and prestigious objects that personify the FENDI style for homes.
“Uniting with FENDI Casa offers the precise opportunity to showcase stylish living because it exists only on the Ritz-Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE,” said Kimberly Lucero Vp of Sales & Marketing. “The 12-foot heights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and unparalleled views of this penthouse join perfectly with the FENDI Casa lifestyle, represented by this superb collection”. Design highlights include: premiere sofa in champagne-colored leather, George Poltrona armchairs in cuoio (reddish brown) leather, Bernini dining table in walnut supported by two large central pillars,and Mirandus bookshelf in ice-grey, alligator high-gloss leather with 40” LCD TV integrated right into a mirror. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by FENDI Casa]

Cozy Modern Landscape-Inspired Home Displaying Earthy Nuances in Bellevue, Washington

The Sibley Wood is a residential project in Bellevue, Washington designed by Chesmore | Buck Architecture. The trendy house, nicely decorated, meets the expectations of the clients, a tender family looking for a comfy, inspiring home. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame surrounding views and make allowance the sun to flood the inner with warmth. Earthy tones of colour enrich the décor and enhance the sensation of coziness, transforming a typical place right into a welcoming, lively home that blends with the landscape in harmonious bless. The home is split in two different areas: one accommodating the living space and the second one including the guest quarters, the bedrooms and the utility space.Surrounded by lush vegetation, the  Sibley Wood is a very inspiring home that deeply connects the inhabitants with our environment. The inner, boasting wooden decorations and lots of granite and marble surfaces, exhales comfort and it reminds you of the outside. It also feels more spacious than it actually is, because of the transparence that characterises where. Peaceful and relaxing, this Bellevue house, located next to a wooded knoll, is the ideal place to disconnect from the dreadful routine.

Central Compact Apartment in Dubrovka Characterised by Minimalism

Meet the Dubrovka apartment, a compact, yet coquette home, designed by za bor architects in Russia. The apartment is perceived as a unitary living space, connecting the kitchen, the bedroom and the lounge. The distance might be divided in rooms when needed, because of some sliding partitions, specially designed to provide some privacy. A few of the furniture was custom-made, despite the modest budget. We adore smart ideas and we appreciate a superb mind that shapes them and transforms them into something real. Now, when something will be transformed effortless, that’s what we call smart: the sliding partitions, when expanded, separate the entire bedroom space, enhancing the sensation of privacy.
The apartment features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the viewer to enjoy a gorgeous view over the city’s skyline. An edgy countertop occupies the central portion of the apartment, making a subtle transition area between the lounge and the kitchen. The internal is dominated by a minimalist design line. Despite being small, the apartment feels comfortable, breezy and uncluttered.

Renewed Home in Dublin Boasting Wooden Details And A Brick Fence

The brief was to rework a lifeless 1970′s home located in Dublin, Ireland, right into a modern, warm and inviting living space. The customer requested an energy efficient home on the cheap, with beautiful views over the positioning. As a result of a majority of these requests, Casa en Anville (known better as House on Anville Mount) became, at this point, a challenging and tasty project. Aughey O’flaherty Architects worked at the new design, specializing in natural ventilation, spaciousness and orientation. Despite its reduced surface (it spreads over 250 square meters), the open plan front room, the transparency and the ground-to-ceiling windows enhance the sensation of space and breeziness.

The brick house (your entire structure is roofed in bricks) is an inspired blend of traditional and new. On one hand, you might have the prefabricated timber structure, modern and  neat and however, you have got the brick design, traditional and warm. Casa en Anville features a gorgeous green mini-courtyard, with a small jacuzzi where you could sit and relax. Three façades (the east, west and north) are thermally efficient. The south façade boasts specially designed windows that maximise the solar heat gain.

Contemporary Monolithic House With a Frame by Andrea Oliva Architetto

Meet Casa Sulla Morella, a beautiful sustainable house equipped with solar panels, designed by Andrea Oliva Architetto in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The residential project has an intriguing smart design aiming to get the maximum of the sun’s light and heat while keeping a really modern look. ”Inserted between rural landscape and observer to 60 mt from the line, suspended by the bottom to protection of the tall stratum of superficial wather and to memory of the installations “terramare”, the residence consists of 2 staggered elements to northeast: the porch or climatic mitigator and the housing space or insulating body.”Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inside making a warm home environment. The rectangular parallelepiped house, with a white frame surrounding it, is structured on two levels. It boasts a big cut out, which create a mystical atmosphere during nighttime. Because of the special lighting system, the home literally glows in the dead of night. Its monolithic aspect and its simplicity make Casa Sulla Morella stand out. The internal is bright, airy and the dominant colours are different shades of browns and beige.

The ideal Getaway: Unique And Modern Tropical House With Magnificent Views

There are those that decide to live within the cities, people who prefer the countryside’s intimacy and the crazy ones, people who would to anything to damage the circle and explore a less ordinary life. Just like the owners of Deck House, a shocking and intriguing residence located in the midst of the Janda Baik rainforest, somewhere in Malaysia.  The project was defined by Choo Gim Wah Architect. The home boasts an uncluttered and unassuming interior, flooded by light, like many of the traditional Malay houses. High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, three bedrooms, a tasteful minimalist décor and a big terrace to benefit from the view. i’m wondering, who wouldn’t like to live here?!
Built on a steep slope of land, the home favours magnificent views. Modern, built entirely from steel and glass, the home boasts a neat, contemporary look. The kitchen, the dinning room and the lounge area are perceive as a novel, fluid space. As you step outside, at the deck, you explore the extensive outdoor area, where you’re able to sit and revel in a cup of tea. The evergreen scenery is greater than inspirational: a temple of relaxation and a stress-free home. 

Contemporary One-Level Family House By Stephenson ISA Studio

a calming ambience, lush vegetation and a bright and breezy house – meet House 780, a project designed by Stephenson ISA Studio, in Manchester, England. The client’s former house had minimal views over the environment. With a further orientation, the home could had captured the essence of the landscape. So, the challenge was to switch the house’s orientation, that allows you to benefit from the site’s topography and expose stunning views around the surroundings of Halebarns, Manchester. “The type of the building is shaped by two blocks, set at different levels, considered one of which includes a double height living space that takes benefit of the sites topography and gives views around the surrounding landscape via full height 5m glazing to the South elevation.”
 The house is additionally accessed via two bridges: a vehicle bridge and  a pedestrian one. The pedestrian bridge carries your steps directly onto the mezzanine floor. Once inside, you see the intense and warm living environment.  The front room is flooded by light, end result of the glass panels (floor-to-ceiling windows) that replace the regular walls. If you feel like enjoying moments of tranquility, you can simply opt for a walk around or sit within the garden, exploring from there, the wonders of the encompassing landscape.

Dark And Cold Old House Completely Transformed Right into a Bright and Eco-Friendly Home

The dark and cold old Chestnut Hill Residence, a home built in 1983, went through radical changes and have become the golf green dream house the owners always wanted. The renewal of the old quirky residence located in Brookline, Massachusetts, was completed by  A+SL Studios and OMA. The renewal consisted of a new passage added along the south side and better ceilings within the lounge. The result: a happy-bright, contemporary interior and a beautiful living ambience. “The owners’ growing family and fervour for green design mandated an entire reappraisal of the inner spaces and their connection to the positioning, in addition to technological upgrades to augment the house’s original mission and to make an up-to-date sustainability statement.”
One of the key advantages is unquestionably the view. Peaceful and relaxing, the environment may be easily “accessed” from the intimacy of the lounge. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the owners to benefit from the beautiful site and feel more connected to the character than before. The usage of eco-friendly materials qualifies the home as ideal for the owners, that have a deep respect towards the character. The glossy white furniture blends wonderful with wooden floor and window frames.