Opulent Modern Getaway in Buenos Aires, Argentina: BLLTT House

BLLTT House was recently completed by Enrique Barberis in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The large residence carries two levels wrapped in a latest rectangular shape and visually “continued” with a swimming pool. Geometry was taken further with triangular piercings adorning the lateral and back walls of the building. White, red and black were chosen for the outside finishes, pleasantly contrasting the golf green surroundings.
As you step inside, you’re greeted by imposing rooms with tall ceilings and minimalist arrangements, enhancing a sense of soberness. The most important living zone communicates with the swimming pool and is totally depending on natural lighting during daytime. The colour palette exhibited by the outside is subtly brought indoors, complementing the presence of wood. Showcasing contemporary materials and generously-sized living spaces, BLLTT House seems especially developed for an expensive getaway. How would you touch upon its design?

Modern Composition of normal Forms: Cape Town’s Luxurious POD Boutique Hotel

Discretion and style are the primary characteristics subtly promoted by the POD boutique Hotel, an opulent accommodation unit completed in 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa. Envisioned by Greg WrightArchitects, the project is conveniently positioned in order that all its 15 rooms have extensive views over one or two of the next landmarks: Camps Bay Beach, Table Mountain, Lions Head or the 12 Apostles.
Some of the features of the design language used to individualize the POD hotel are listed by the architects: “the 2-storey high privacy fins at the penthouse suites, the doorway screen and have wall that’s composed of scaffold planks recycled from the building site itself, the organic shaped bar with its cantilevered ice wells, the tensioned stainless-steel screen within the stairwell that stretches between 4 vertical floors after which the timber alcoves that hold the beds and bathing areas“. Each room is defined by an open space layout, with a colour palette deriving from materials equivalent to slate, timber and granite. Appreciate the result?

Water Frenzy-Driven Residential Project in Odessa by Drozdov & Partners

One of the key feature of Water Patio House designed by 

A spacious front room full of natural light sets the tone for a bright and airy house. Wood has a large role within the overall design scheme, diminishing the size of the interiors and adding coziness. The colour palette is straightforward so as to emphasize what’s beyond the windows. A visually captivating central stairway leads how you can the bedrooms, where the views are equally impressive.