Powerful Holiday Statement: 7 Bedroom Villa Beyond in Phuket, Thailand

Overlooking the waters of the Andaman Sea and the fairway vistas of Bang Tao in Phuket, Thailand, Villa Beyond combines an original escape with the relief of recent living. Based on the official description, the project is a mix of luxury and magnificence “neatly encapsulated in an architectural symphony of stone, wood, concrete and steel, all effortlessly blended and infused with water and infinite views“. The villa boasts seven bedrooms, a spacious lounge, kitchen, dining room, recreation room, a massage room and a powerful infinity pool.
Each interior exudes a highly contemporary design, softened by wood additions and native decorative elements. An open plan social zone connected to the swimming pool deck acts because the core of the residence. The chef’s kitchen is supplied with modern conveniences and comfort countertops. Inside and outside, the villa inspires opulence, making it fit for those searching for powerful holiday statements.

Unexpected Design Twists: Monte Serino Residence in San Francisco

Modern House Architects completed the design for Monte Serino Residence, a latest retreat located in San Francisco, USA. Structured on two levels, the residence includes a chain of open and closed spaces, envisioned in close connection to the encompassing landscape. The backside of the home opens up towards a big infinity pool and the luxurious greenery beyond, while lateral views reveal the neighboring shore. Glass doors, windows and an unexpected void (shaping up right into a creative terrace) on the second level contrast visually with the wooden wall paneling.
An open plan front room with tall ceilings sets the tone for a luxurious atmosphere. Each interior seems to expand outdoors and merge with the natural colors of our environment. Wood is present throughout, emphasizing at the traditional character of a few of the smaller rooms. Concrete and steel add a dynamic twist to the scheme. Large corridors framed by bookshelves ensure transition between spaces.