Manage Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs Via Smartphone: Pintofeed [Video]

Admit it: the theory of feeding your pet through a wireless device didn’t really cross your mind. Lending a helping hand to these caught up of their busy modern lives, the creative team behind Pintofeed envisioned a modern pet feeder that may provide food to your dog or cat automatically. The gizmo works by connecting it to a smartphone after which installing the Pintofeed app, so as to find out about your pet’s typical feeding times and additional create a schedule to dispense food.

The most practical aspect of this device is the truth that you’re able to feed your pet “whether you’re at the go, working late on the office or out of town on vacation”. With a faucet of a button, that you would be able to send the feeding signal and food will instantly pop within the dog tray. Moreover, the appliance will send notifications within the sort of a text, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter message letting you realize you pet was fed. Try the presentation video above so one can see the project in action!

Contemporary Design of Retro Inspiration: Joseph Family Table Set

Joseph Family is a group of 3 coffee tables, in solid French oak, envisioned by the creative team at WEWOOD Design Center. Using a latest design, of retro inspiration, Joseph has an easy geometry, mixing function, timeless aesthetics, sophistication and pure forms to focus on the problem. The tables may be used in a trendy or traditional scheme, together or individually.

Each table is continued by three wooden legs, the round cover revealing the nobility of the French oak. Among the many designs features an extra small tabletop- to be able to functionally divide its surface, let alone the cultured value it adds. The hot set of Joseph tables could be presented in September edition of Maison & Objet Paris at Hall 5B – Stand F29. How would you personally employ these tables for you to create an appealing interior? [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by WEWOOD Design Center]

Imposing Oceanfront Home With Broad Views in Sagaponack, Big apple

Daniel’s Lane Residence in Sagaponack, Big apple is a majestic mansion designed and developed by Blaze Makoid Architecture.  From afar, the creative team at Makoid wanted the structure to seem simple and clean: “The two story travertine entry façade is highlighted with a single opening accentuated by a cantilevered stair landing that hovers off the floor. A cut and fold within the wall plane bends to permit for one large glass opening, from which an over scaled wood aperture containing the foremost stair landing cantilevers“. The second one level was imagined as a tumbler drawer suspended over the principle floor below.
Service spaces, in addition to the living and dining areas can be found below, while three identical children’s bedrooms run from west to east at the second level, along with a master suite with an enormous balcony. Daniel’s Lane Residence was inspired by the enduring architect Norman Jaffe’s Perlbinder House(1970) and by Tod Williams’ Tarlo House (1979).