Residential Project in Mexico Advocating Deconstructive Design: Casa Gòmez

The assumption of distorting and fragmenting walls, roofs or interior volumes is the idea for the architecture current called “Deconstructivism”. Casa Gòmez developed by SO Studio in Cancun, Mexico is a residential project exhibiting the up-mentioned characteristics. The avant-garde building looks visually created by broken rhythms, randomly positioned walls and unexpected inclinations.In line with the architects, “the design is organized by combining interior and exterior areas as a single space through big hidable windows, thus favouring the foremost views to the canal and the hotel zone of Cancun. The selecting of fabrics and textures was key to create unusual environments of marked avant-garde tendency, combining the balance some of the apparent concrete walls, granite and wooden flooring, big windows and the glass and alluminum covers, besides specific Bisazza mosaic accents”. Clearly visible from distant, Casa Gòmez adds to the list of highly modern Mexican landmarks.