Eye-Catching Language School Design in Valencia by Masquespacio

Masquespacio completed the inside design for 2Day Languages, a Spanish school in Valencia, Spain. The distance is developed on a place of 183 square meters and contains three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge. All of the classrooms and customary rooms are a defragmentation from the logo identity of 2Day Languages and in addition incorporate parts of the Spanish language and the architecture of Valencia. The lecture rooms were imagined inside the three brand colors, which in turn are a representation of the 3 levels A, B and C established by the typical European Framework of Reference for Languages, here seen because the colors blue, yellow and pink.
Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio comments: “We desired to limit our intervention to a minimum, without forgetting the freshness and good feeling that had to breathe each space, in addition to the significance to equalize the combination between modern decoration and the wonderful thing about the neoclassical architecture of the building. We opted for hot materials like pine to generate pleasurable sensations with functional features. 2 tables as opposed to 1 in each classroom were chosen to be separated and stacked during activities. Also the chairs were chosen to give maximum comfort to the scholars and with stack options for better circulation during activities.” [Photos and data provided via e-mail by Masquespacio]