“Level” Shelving Unit Inspired by The main of Communicating Vessels

We love the idea that behind this minimalist shelving unit envisioned by Barcelona based designer Roger Moliné. Discovered on Likecool, Level was born from “a clear reference on this planet of hydraulic engineering; communicating vessels. These are a chain of vessels containing a homogeneous liquid. Due to the communication between vessels, the fluid moves until reaching an equilibrium level, no matter the inclination or orientation of the glasses”. The project is split in two parts which communicate with one another.
Despite its elegant and seamless fragile look, the shelving unit is sturdy and accordingly, very practical. Level incorporates two major elements: “The first are the pivots, they permit a formal grip on any type of wall and likewise articulate the movement of the material. These parts are composed of a shaft with bearings which permit rotation of the cylinder which supports the cloth. And second, canvas acrylic, which owing to its stiffness can hold any type of books”. We salute this innovative shelving idea and would certainly enjoy seeing it embedded in various interior design projects!