Spiral-Shaped House in Espoo, Finland: A Challenging and artistic Project

The spiral-shaped house designed by Olavi Kopose in Espoo, Finland is surely something you don’t get to peer everyday. Its curvy “silhouette” dominates every room in the home, “forcing” the inhabitants to adopt a …(let’s call it) twisty lifestyle. As expect, the furniture has its own particularities. The tables are curvy, the sofa, the kitchen furniture  and in fact, the steps, all of them are adapted to the house’s intriguing structure. There aren’t any doors. This creates a different atmosphere, a living environment characterised by breeziness and fluidity.

The exterior is wrapped in wood cladding. a huge cut out defines the description of the balcony, located on the upper floor. The spiral-shaped house comes also “equipped” with a small terrace, where you could sit and revel in your morning coffee. There’s no doubt that it truly is a unique living space, ideal if you feel like regular can’t satisfy their outstanding tastes. The excellent news, for those looking for a daring house, is this challenging and artistic dwelling was listed on the market. You could find additional info in regards to the price and the important estate responsible with the promoting on Lea Jakama Oy.