Luxury Residence With an Impeccable Décor by KCD Design Studio

Sophisticated and lush, the Concerto apartment, designed by the Taiwan-based KCD Design Studio, is this type of lovely place to live in! The graceful wood flooring and mirror-like walls, that enhance the sensation of space, create a warm living environment. Harmony is among the words that influenced the full apartment’s concept and magnificence: like a flawless piano concert piece. ”The framework was combined by two houses. We connected placements, musical form, double living and master suite all together by different essential factors. Each factor has its own characteristic and obviously interprets itself. The movement was composed with every kind of emotion, sometimes sonorous and often whisper.”The décor is impeccable. Different nuances of neutral colours create a fluid atmosphere, that invites you to explore a non-public small universe, dominates by sobriety and style. Rough wood meets luscious surfaces, velvet meets leather. Long curtains decorate the windows, creating the precise private getaway, isolating the inhabitants from the exterior world. Sometimes, a spot like that’s maybe all you want to disconnect and make an effort for yourself. The straightforward clear lines, the colors and the textures create a timeless interior.