Bespoke Design Concept Inspired by Catwalk Trends: The Residences Kuala Lumpur

The Residences Kuala Lumpur by Blu Water Studio introduce you to the high fashion of sanctuary – haute couture inspired new living trends from one of the most prestigious catwalks. Representing the hot designers generation, the novel variety of Heider Ackermann is perfectly reflected within the smaller apartment (Type A-first photos of the post). In keeping with his fashion shows the colourful colors were complemented with subtle and monochrome hues.

The soothing shades of gray were chosen to have interaction with the abundant exposure of turquoise and yellow. Tinted mirrors intensify the color impression and double the sense of spaciousness. The muse from the silhouette of Ackerman’s clothes determines the vertically cut walls, which elongate the peak of the gap. Although the living area was very limited, transparent tables and chairs help to open it up. The countless reflections from the soft shaped metallic pendants completed the definitive style. The overall touch comes from the sculptural yellow armchair inspired by the diagonal lines of masculine Ackermann design.

The timelessness of Dior defined the vision of the bigger apartment (Type B). The spirit of the French designer is expressed both with silhouettes and colours. Feminine chicness influenced the shapes and textures. Beloved women’s pleats, highlighted inside the 2012 spring-summer collection, were translated from the catwalk to the apartment because the feature design motif. Pleat-like focal wall within the living area, although made up of vinyl timber, took the fundamental inspiration from the fabric’s flexibility. The layering inspired design during the apartment was used to create the touch of puzzle, which accurate characterizes the fair sex.

To highlight the organic touches, monochrome colors with the dominant black were juxtaposed with vibrant green and robust magenta. In keeping with Dior’s principle, as he’s quoted to mention, “I have designed flower women”, the bloom chair stands proud within the center of living space. This high designer piece within the shape of over-sized green flower adds a subtle textural feel to the internal and plays at the side of the richness of the carpet. [Photos and knowledge provided via e-mail by Blu Water Studio]