Sculptural Lamp Designs of significant Aesthetic Value by John Procario

Designer John Procario creates striking lighting objects by bending strips of ash or white oak to the purpose of breaking. This results into creative irregular shapes that appear to pay more tribute to art than practicability: “The idea for the lamps began by taking into consideration wood as a metaphor for the body. Wood will bend comfortably to some degree, then break; similar to a bone or muscle, wood has its limit“, explained the designer.Due to “limits” in every material he employs, no two lamps are a similar. The tactic used to create the general versions is steam bending, a process where thin strips of wood are placed right into a steam box, making their fibers pliable. Then it’s as much as the designer to govern the strips and laminate them together to form a rigid object. A LED strip is further glued to the product and added Plexiglas to diffuse a few of the light.  

Gorgeous Modern Residence Displaying a Interesting Asymmetrical Facade in Sydney

Waverley Residence is a house with an intriguing exterior, boasting irregular shapes and details, that will stand out and make an impression on whoever finally ends up seeing it. Located in Waverley, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this exciting project was designed by Anderson Architecture to meet the expectancies of the clients who were searching for a neat, relaxing home, that favours the sunshine and heat of the sun, the natural ventilation and connects the inhabitants with our surroundings. Bright and luminous, Waverley Residence is a superb living environment: an uncluttered lounge with high ceilings spreads ahead, connecting you with the outside. The kitchen is integrated into the living area, transforming the bottom floor right into a fluid living space. The asymmetries define overall, the home, transforming it right into a unique project. Designed respecting the rules of sustainability, the Waverley Residence is both a comfy and friendly with the surroundings.”The house requires little or no heating or cooling, utilising passive solar techniques, internal thermal mass and natural ventilation to keep a comfy, healthy indoor environment. A challenging aspect, with excessive western exposure and a big existing building to the north, helped define the lofty roof forms which capture northern light.” The internal is dominated by light colours, corresponding to beige and white. Wood also plays a vital role in defining the interior’s décor.