Re-Editing Icons of The car Industry : Pio Manzù Chair

Alias revisits a key archive project by Pio Manzù, the bright protagonist of Italian automobile design through the sixties. The theory materialized on the GAMeC of Bergamo where the archives of Pio Manzù’s work are stored. The awareness was interested in a prototype chair clearly taking its inspiration from the auto industry. The re-edition started to take form and at last reach its completion. The choice was made to integrate a footrest on a four-star base, designed to be wholly coherent with the design and proportions of the chair.

This journey of culture and design has given Alias the chance to find a deeprooted affinity with the historical figure of Pio Manzù. One of the most first designers to have conceived the guy-machine relationship beyond mere function, considering aspects of safety and well-being, Manzù’s uncompromising strategy to design and his familiarity with technology made him a real pioneer within the sphere of ergonomics. Similarly to an ottoman, the chair is made from a supporting structure in dense polyurethane co-formed with polyurethane foam. The bottom is cast aluminium, polished and enameled in various colours. Both pieces are presented in a sublime leather upholstery with a decision of several shades. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by Elisabetta Bilei]