Imposing House With Volumes and a feeling of Privacy by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

Located near Madrid, this spectacular home designed by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects displays a fascinating structure. The surprising contrast of brown and white makes the home look dynamic and playful. What makes it much more interesting is the circular wall that encompasses the home itself, offering a feeling of privacy. To be more specific, the Moraleja House, the house of a family of 5, aims to reconnect the inhabitants with the character. “In a generic world, increasingly faraway from the character, this house was projected combining the individuality of where with the explicit wishs of  the buyer who desires to protect his privacy  but remain in permanent conctact with the exterior world as a non-public space . Wishes that during time and space are hardly compatible.” Behind the circular wall, there are a sequence of patios nicely decorated, where you will enjoy coffee, fresh air and the corporate of a pricey friend. The home spreads over two floors, being spacious, yet warm. The bottom floor accommodates the guest bedroom, a library, a games room, the open space front room, the dining room and the service area. The four bedrooms with patios gym and study can be found on the upper floor. Elegant and classy, the inner feels breezy and uncluttered. The cut outs, the beautiful decorations, the sunshine, the angles, the neutral colours, the “touch of urban” (the graffiti wall) event the lighting system make this house unique. 

Irresistible Interior Decorated by Pepe Calderin Design Inspiring Comfort and class

The Picot Residence is a phenomenal penthouse apartment with gorgeous decorations and precious furniture items designed by Pepe Calderin Design, in Ny city. Inspiring and stylish, the apartment tells the tale of the enchanting items that adorn it. an impressive mixture of colours and materials are displayed: daring red ornaments meet dark nuances, wood meets leather. Smooth textures add a dash of class. The lighting system plays a massive role in making a special ambience. Elegance and preciousness define this space.The designers weren’t afraid to apply colours, bringing a fresh, energetic and a visionary method of the design process. The result’s a vivid interior, an area that ”has no boundaries, and has endless possibilities.” There aren’t any doors. Subsequently, a fluid space is created, making the apartment look larger than it actually is. With a phenomenal and relaxing view over city’s skyline, the Picot Residence is among the most amazing homes we’ve ever seen. The all-white bedroom inspires tranquility, while the library area connects the viewer with the outside through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Contemporary Monolithic House With a Frame by Andrea Oliva Architetto

Meet Casa Sulla Morella, a beautiful sustainable house equipped with solar panels, designed by Andrea Oliva Architetto in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The residential project has an intriguing smart design aiming to get the maximum of the sun’s light and heat while keeping a really modern look. ”Inserted between rural landscape and observer to 60 mt from the line, suspended by the bottom to protection of the tall stratum of superficial wather and to memory of the installations “terramare”, the residence consists of 2 staggered elements to northeast: the porch or climatic mitigator and the housing space or insulating body.”Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inside making a warm home environment. The rectangular parallelepiped house, with a white frame surrounding it, is structured on two levels. It boasts a big cut out, which create a mystical atmosphere during nighttime. Because of the special lighting system, the home literally glows in the dead of night. Its monolithic aspect and its simplicity make Casa Sulla Morella stand out. The internal is bright, airy and the dominant colours are different shades of browns and beige.