Stylish Home in Neutral Colours Designed by Kariouk Associates in Ontario, Canada

The  Westboro Home in Ontario is a residential project designed by Kariouk Associates. The home responds to the wishes of the clients. They wanted a bright and lively home, yet intimate (with a feeling of privacy). The home displays an attractive exterior (half black, half white), large windows and a garden choked with ornamental plantings. “The garden takes a “bite” out of the tight, permissible building area, nonetheless it allowed for an in depth amount of glass that otherwise, by using restrictive building code requirements, wouldn’t be possible. The courtyard’s lot-line side remains open, while its three interior sides are packed with windows and produce natural light into the center of the house on both living floors.”

The lush vegetation surrounding the home keeps away the curious eyes of the passers-by and it creates that non-public green oasis, enhancing the sensation of freedom. It also establishes a connection between the inhabitants and the outside environment. The “colorful” and kooky (black and white) structure makes it stand out, emphasizing certain details: “the entry stair/foyer volume is clad in white masonry which will visually advance and welcome visitors towards the walkway (while the amount housing primary living spaces in addition to the garage below is clad in black clapboard so that it will recede from the sidewalk).” The neutral colors dominate also the inner, unveiling a classy and coquette open space front room, an uncluttered kitchen and overall, a chic living space.

Contemporary One-Level Family House By Stephenson ISA Studio

a calming ambience, lush vegetation and a bright and breezy house – meet House 780, a project designed by Stephenson ISA Studio, in Manchester, England. The client’s former house had minimal views over the environment. With a further orientation, the home could had captured the essence of the landscape. So, the challenge was to switch the house’s orientation, that allows you to benefit from the site’s topography and expose stunning views around the surroundings of Halebarns, Manchester. “The type of the building is shaped by two blocks, set at different levels, considered one of which includes a double height living space that takes benefit of the sites topography and gives views around the surrounding landscape via full height 5m glazing to the South elevation.”
 The house is additionally accessed via two bridges: a vehicle bridge and  a pedestrian one. The pedestrian bridge carries your steps directly onto the mezzanine floor. Once inside, you see the intense and warm living environment.  The front room is flooded by light, end result of the glass panels (floor-to-ceiling windows) that replace the regular walls. If you feel like enjoying moments of tranquility, you can simply opt for a walk around or sit within the garden, exploring from there, the wonders of the encompassing landscape.

Oceanfront Residence in Hawaii Displaying an artistic Design Approach

At a primary glance, you are able to believe here is an attractive resort. In reality, the valuables within the photos below is as intimate as can get. Currently listed on Sotheby’s for $9,500,000, this large oceanfront residence in Hawaii features an outstanding overall layout, three bedrooms and lots of outdoor leisure opportunities. The 1st level is absolutely open, with pillars separating the spaces and supporting the ground above. an ideal setting composed of lush vegetation and a pond surrounds the building.

With its unique location, the home offers many incentives: “Launch your windsurfer, stand-up board or kayak out of your own backyard located in this exclusive cove in Spreckelsville. Built to last a life-time the house has a travertine exterior in addition to travertine lanai floors, a copper shingle roof, copper clad windows and copper roll-up garage doors. 16 poured concrete columns support the dramatic cantilevered upper level. Walk inside and feel as if you’re at the ocean“. How would you touch upon the whole design and layout of this property?