Compact Two-Story House Keeping The Noise Away in Tokyo, Japan

Compact living generally is a wonderful experience considering that that the inner of this kind of dwelling is often cozy and functional. The home in Mishuku II is a fascinating residential project, a type of compact Japanese homes, designed by Back in 2004, the home was envisioned as a comfy home for a married couple. Meanwhile, the family expanded, so the home had also to expand too. Luckily, a second structure may be built nearby. “When building a home in a densely populated area, an issue arises regarding even if to have windows facing the exterior because it can provide a feeling of openness nevertheless it sacrifices certain degrees of privacy. At first sight the flat, cubic building seems somewhat detached from the environment, yet once inside, it’s remarkably open and airy since part of the ceiling opens as much as the sky.” The inside is fluid, there aren’t any partitions and there’s a cut out within the ceiling, allowing the sunshine to sneak inside.