Compact and vibrant Small Apartment Neatly Decorated by Alan Chu

This 36 square meters apartment is a very good example that even small apartments can give you well-nigh comfort, provided that they’re smartly designed. Simply called AP 1211, this loft spreads over two levels, boasting bright and joyful decorations and a swirl-like staircase that connects both floors. The  AP 1211 project was completed  by Alan Chu, this year, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The brief was to organise the gap efficiently and enhance a bit of the sensation of breeziness. The postulate was to create a youthful and dynamic, yet unpretentious living environment to check the client’s lifestyle. The apartment is a short lived residence of a recently divorced businessman and the décor reflects the belief of change and reorganization.The inside is a mixture of wood, concrete and glass. As expected, the kitchen and the lounge form one unitary fluid space. There’s a neutral-coloured couch inside the living area, pretty spacious and cushty, next to the staircase. The higher floor accommodates a latest bedroom, characterised by a minimalist design line. just a little isolated, the bedroom offers some extra privacy. Neatly decorated, the AP1211 is both, intimate and alluring.

Central Compact Apartment in Dubrovka Characterised by Minimalism

Meet the Dubrovka apartment, a compact, yet coquette home, designed by za bor architects in Russia. The apartment is perceived as a unitary living space, connecting the kitchen, the bedroom and the lounge. The distance might be divided in rooms when needed, because of some sliding partitions, specially designed to provide some privacy. A few of the furniture was custom-made, despite the modest budget. We adore smart ideas and we appreciate a superb mind that shapes them and transforms them into something real. Now, when something will be transformed effortless, that’s what we call smart: the sliding partitions, when expanded, separate the entire bedroom space, enhancing the sensation of privacy.
The apartment features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the viewer to enjoy a gorgeous view over the city’s skyline. An edgy countertop occupies the central portion of the apartment, making a subtle transition area between the lounge and the kitchen. The internal is dominated by a minimalist design line. Despite being small, the apartment feels comfortable, breezy and uncluttered.