Untamed Geometry Showcased by Modern House Exterior in Melbourne

Nic Owen Architects are a team of young designers devoted to making a shift in modern architecture as we all know it. When you have a glance at Fitzroy North House ( an extension of a Victorian terrace on a particularly challenging site published on Freshome your time back) after which check up on the photos below, you’re able to just pick up a visible pattern. Kew House in Melbourne, Australia is a project which includes a renovation and extension of an existing home. The work resulted into an unusual living space with daring elements throughout.
The seemless chaotic geometry and highly modern materials do an enticing job contrasting the normal front facade with its shingled roof. A dynamic play of lines is revealed at every step, that’s what makes the outside of Kew House surprising and original. This “design madness” wears off as you enter the residence. Inside, the inhabitants can relax in a minimalist setting defined by clear lines, where geometry is equitably tamed.