Contemporary Monolithic House With a Frame by Andrea Oliva Architetto

Meet Casa Sulla Morella, a beautiful sustainable house equipped with solar panels, designed by Andrea Oliva Architetto in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The residential project has an intriguing smart design aiming to get the maximum of the sun’s light and heat while keeping a really modern look. ”Inserted between rural landscape and observer to 60 mt from the line, suspended by the bottom to protection of the tall stratum of superficial wather and to memory of the installations “terramare”, the residence consists of 2 staggered elements to northeast: the porch or climatic mitigator and the housing space or insulating body.”Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inside making a warm home environment. The rectangular parallelepiped house, with a white frame surrounding it, is structured on two levels. It boasts a big cut out, which create a mystical atmosphere during nighttime. Because of the special lighting system, the home literally glows in the dead of night. Its monolithic aspect and its simplicity make Casa Sulla Morella stand out. The internal is bright, airy and the dominant colours are different shades of browns and beige.