Opulent Modern Getaway in Buenos Aires, Argentina: BLLTT House

BLLTT House was recently completed by Enrique Barberis in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The large residence carries two levels wrapped in a latest rectangular shape and visually “continued” with a swimming pool. Geometry was taken further with triangular piercings adorning the lateral and back walls of the building. White, red and black were chosen for the outside finishes, pleasantly contrasting the golf green surroundings.
As you step inside, you’re greeted by imposing rooms with tall ceilings and minimalist arrangements, enhancing a sense of soberness. The most important living zone communicates with the swimming pool and is totally depending on natural lighting during daytime. The colour palette exhibited by the outside is subtly brought indoors, complementing the presence of wood. Showcasing contemporary materials and generously-sized living spaces, BLLTT House seems especially developed for an expensive getaway. How would you touch upon its design?

Imposing Family Residence in Bangkok Hiding Interior Design Treats

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Moom is a highly modern residence especially designed by Integrated Field for a family of 5. The brand new building was constructed next to the inhabitants’ former living retreat and a unique passage way ensures a great connection between the 2. a enormous white volume hosts the 3 floors, each having its own well defined function. Consistent with the official architects’ description, the residence accommodates one main bedroom with master bathroom for folks, two bedrooms and two bathrooms for the sons, a living/dining space, a working room, an open kitchen, a Thai kitchen and a lap pool.Several unexpected design additions add originality to the interiors. A triangular skylight at the rooftop and internal voids in every room allow natural lighting inside. The voids also provide natural ventilation for every room and visible connection for family. Wood is a vital functional and aesthetic think about the design scheme, in conjunction with other materials akin to steel frames, insulated glass or even fishnet from the sea liner.

Minimalist Box-Shaped House by Yoshihiro Yamamoto: Danchi Hutch

Yoshihiro Yamamoto, manager of Osaka-based architecture office YYAA sent us photos and data about Danchi Hutch, a trendy residence the team recently completed in Kyoto. This house was especially designed for a craftsman and his mother, who had previously lived in a small apartment within the same area: “Danchi is a notorious Japanese housing complex. Because it is simply too narrow, it is usually called The rabbit hutch. When the buyer consulted us to construct their new residence, they requested a design of a narrow house although the location was large enough“.
The minimalist two-storey Japanese box-shaped home accommodates a garage at ground level and two traditional Japanese rooms with a kitchen above. Sliding partitions were added as a way to better organize the gap when needed. Walls, floors and ceilings are covered in timber boards. Natural lighting is authorized inside through generously-sized glass doors. [Photography is by Yohei Sasakura]

Seeking Balance and quietness: Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo

Exuding tranquility, this private Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo is envisioned because the perfect place to discover inner peace. Balance is one of several hardest things to succeed in and because, our struggle and efforts are steady and focused in that direction, a wonderfully balanced home helps us to realize happiness. Where we spend most of our free time has a pretty good impact upon our lives. RCK Design completed the trendy Zen Design House project, with this in mind: to be able to have a blissful life, we’d like a neat and serene home environment. Despite being small (spreading over 120 square feet) it can be smartly built. It integrates simplistic volumes and white walls, exhaling openness and a zen-like atmosphere.

The house was built as a temple for the body, mind and soul. “The house uses special windows to avoid outsiders to view the inner of the home, but still allows abundant natural lighting to go into. Both in its simple square shape and clean, exterior in grey and funky white gives this Zen style house. There are anchors and twine for green wall round the entrance. Organic plants prevent heat from sun lights in Summer and its photosynthesis produces oxygen all of the year.” The tiny but functional home is characterised by low furniture, simple straight lines and quiet earthy colours, enhancing the sensation of tranquility. Do you locate it inspiring?

Stylish Brazilian Home Displaying an Inspiring Mixture of Colors and Textures

Mixing large space with elegance and coziness is a tough one. However, designer Luciano Dalla Marta took at the challenge with spectacular results. This Brazilian house is solemn via its tall ceilings , white walls and chandeliers, yet the presence of graphic art, paintings, greenery and cozy furniture units makes the interiors feel welcoming. By eliminating wall divisions, the compartments of the social area communicate with one another and all enjoy the abundance of natural lighting.
The main living area is animated by an eclectic use of textures and colours, coexisting in visual harmony. Bedrooms nonetheless were envisioned in a black&white color palette, yet their soberness is attenuated by means of soft-textured rugs and floor to ceiling curtains. All through the house, an optimum indoor-outdoor connection was achieved- probably why each interior seems more invigorating than a higher!