Interview : Exciting Eco-Friendly Contemporary Garden Rooms By The English Designer Ben Lord

One of the strongest trends nowadays, on the earth of design, makes a speciality of sustainability. i locate it very curious and exciting to determine the area more engaged towards  environmentally-friendly approaches. The designers’ try to establish a correct dialogue between man and the surroundings is also gratifying. We had several talks with the British designer, Ben Lord from Pod Space  and we asked him a number of questions on his work and the impact he had at the world of sustainable design. For people who are not accustomed to Mr. Ben Lord, he’s an award-winning designer (Pod Space was listed at The Northern Design Awards because the ‘Best Eco / Sustainability’ build of 2012). His eco-friendly timber-framed pods are stylish little pre-fabricated offices, that may be easily placed within the intimacy of any garden, providing a versatile lifestyle and a less common working experience.

Each story has a beginning. Ben, we wish to grasp the start of your story as a designer. What made you opt this path and what influenced your style?

I was mentioned in Yorkshire and got my BA architecture also in Yorkshire. i admire strong, contemporary design but living within the Yorkshire countryside I also want my designs to enrich their natural surroundings.

What is the tale of … Pod Space?

Pod Space was established in 2008 when the idea that of modern garden rooms was just starting up. i needed to design buildings that may be used as a separate extension to the home all year round. At the moment there have been increasingly ‘shed’ like buildings but there has been a spot for rather well designed buildings built to a totally high standard. Since then we’ve developed our designs for garden buildings and the vast majority of our work is now in bespoke designs for our clients and a better emphasis on public sector and commercial buildings.

Your ‘pods’ integrate seamlessly into green spaces. Is there a scarcity of connection, nowadays, between man and our environment?

I think that there’s a growing appreciation of our natural environment and the way precious our natural resources are. There are alternatives when designing and constructing a brand new building to include features so that it will integrate the building in to its environment, both with the materials used and using the gap. i attempt to include materials so we can allow the building to enrich the immediate environment and in addition minimize the broader environmental impact.

The ‘pods’ you create are basically eco-friendly garden studios. Explain in a couple of words your commitment towards our surroundings.  Why is it so important to you?

Living within the countryside gives me a robust appreciation of the natural environment and our responsibility to offer protection to it. Designing Eco friendly buildings requires a more creative approach and its not always the perfect (or cheapest) option nevertheless it is satisfying to understand that we will contribute towards protecting our natural resources.

What makes Pod Space both, stylish and functional?

Some of our design features are quite distinctive to Pod Space together with the sliding louvred screen on our Glide Pod. It is a very stylish addition to the Pod nonetheless it is likewise entirely functional, giving the user the chance to have the sliding doors open with the screen over for privacy and solar shading. Even the small details in our Pods are specified to the top standards in order that the general appearance is stunning but practical for day after day use.

One can make a choice from five standard garden pods, fully customizable. Did you’ve any weird or fun requests up to now?

We’ve had a couple of more odd requests for buildings – once for a flying saucer shaped building! Most of what we do currently is bespoke designs however the majority of our clients come to us because they prefer they style and finish of our existing buildings so usually the request is for something in the same style. We do love a challenge though!

You are an award winning designer, Ben. What inspires you to create compact and versatile unique spaces that disconnect people from the routine?

Routine is a crucial portion of everyday life and most of the people thrive after they have comfort and familiarity. The whole philosophy of Pod Space is to give our clients a possibility to have precisely the building they need within an area where they are often inspired by the natural environment. Having a further living or working space for your garden doesn’t should be a compromise between style and serve as.

We are curious if do you’veyou’ve got you have got a Pod Space for your garden. How often do you employ it?

I am currently re-designing my garden and there’ll definitely be a Pod Space in it! Pod Space is highly busy so I do often atone for emails from home and that i love the idea of getting a warm and bright working space that may be separated from the most important home.

Do you’ve other projects on-going? Are in addition they associated with sustainable design?

We are doing much more work on commercial projects and dealing currently on buildings which require a BREEAM assessment. We’ve a commitment to seeking out new technologies to enhance sustainability within the construction industry and are constantly how one can incorporate these in our buildings.

Is there anything you ought to share with our readers, that perhaps, can make them take a re-evaluation at your wonderful work and (why not) buy a Pod Space?

The best endorsement that we have got is our clients feedback. They’re consistently delighted with the completed building and we now have even had clients returning for a second building after they have moved house. Here is enormously satisfying and it’s why we will be able to keep growing and develop our buildings.

Contemporary Alpine Architecture: Chalet Canelle in Tyrol, Austria

Offering a contemporary vision of a ski getaway, architectural firm
According to the architects, “the layout of every apartment was designed to use the panoramic views. Interiors employ locally sourced materials inspired by the natural surroundings – stone, wood, glass and fur. It was important that each one apartments receive their individual identity while preserving the nature of the total building”. How would you touch upon the design approach for this Austrian mountain chalet? Do you think it blends in with the assumption of a comfy mountain retreat?

The comfortable Haus Wiesenhof Characterised By Rustic Simplicity

With a calming view and a minimalistic neat design, the comfy Haus Wiesenhof is ”a place of peace and contemplation”, strongly connected to the natural setting through various balconies, terraces and a neat wood cladded exterior. The weekend residence, characterised by a country kind of simplicity and serenity, is located in St. Johann in Tirol, Austria and it was defined by Gogl Architekten. “The house communicates with the dominant mountain range, with every view resembling a painting. The call to utilise archaic materials was made quite consciously to cite the encircling farmsteads. The buyer wanted an environment that was light and airy, but in addition cosy.”
Perceived as an alpine refuge, the home Wiesenhof is the ideal getaway for weekends and vacations. The home boasts several living areas, with stylish minimalist décor and few pieces of furniture, reminiscent of the client’s tastes and desires. Oak wood, natural stone and iron were utilized in defining the home. The architects serious about designing a sustainable home, out of respect for the natural surroundings. The postulate was to integrate it seamlessly into the natural surrounding.

a continuing Spatial Experience: The Cedar Park House in Seattle

Peter Cohan completed the design of Cedar Park House, a beautiful two-story residence, in Seattle, Washington. Breezy and bright, the relaxing home features an open space lounge. The home was built to satisfy the wishes of the clients, who wanted a stress-free living environment, strongly connected to the outside. The home opens as much as the courtyard, where the owners can enjoy blissfully the natural surroundings.

“The Cedar Park responds on to the predicament posed by the positioning – that its most appropriate location also is its most fragile. The building is shaped by the interaction of site-cast concrete walls and water-collecting roofs. While the transparency of the home creates a unbroken spatial experience, connecting in and out.” Concrete meets wood, making a wonderful modern and (rustic) organic home. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inner and create that perfect serene home ambience. The inner feels uncluttered and relaxed, offering to the owners freedom of movement and peace of mind. The lounge boasts a lovely fireplace and favours a surprising view over the bay.