Imposing Family Residence in Bangkok Hiding Interior Design Treats

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Baan Moom is a highly modern residence especially designed by Integrated Field for a family of 5. The brand new building was constructed next to the inhabitants’ former living retreat and a unique passage way ensures a great connection between the 2. a enormous white volume hosts the 3 floors, each having its own well defined function. Consistent with the official architects’ description, the residence accommodates one main bedroom with master bathroom for folks, two bedrooms and two bathrooms for the sons, a living/dining space, a working room, an open kitchen, a Thai kitchen and a lap pool.Several unexpected design additions add originality to the interiors. A triangular skylight at the rooftop and internal voids in every room allow natural lighting inside. The voids also provide natural ventilation for every room and visible connection for family. Wood is a vital functional and aesthetic think about the design scheme, in conjunction with other materials akin to steel frames, insulated glass or even fishnet from the sea liner.

Gorgeous Modern Residence Displaying a Interesting Asymmetrical Facade in Sydney

Waverley Residence is a house with an intriguing exterior, boasting irregular shapes and details, that will stand out and make an impression on whoever finally ends up seeing it. Located in Waverley, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this exciting project was designed by Anderson Architecture to meet the expectancies of the clients who were searching for a neat, relaxing home, that favours the sunshine and heat of the sun, the natural ventilation and connects the inhabitants with our surroundings. Bright and luminous, Waverley Residence is a superb living environment: an uncluttered lounge with high ceilings spreads ahead, connecting you with the outside. The kitchen is integrated into the living area, transforming the bottom floor right into a fluid living space. The asymmetries define overall, the home, transforming it right into a unique project. Designed respecting the rules of sustainability, the Waverley Residence is both a comfy and friendly with the surroundings.”The house requires little or no heating or cooling, utilising passive solar techniques, internal thermal mass and natural ventilation to keep a comfy, healthy indoor environment. A challenging aspect, with excessive western exposure and a big existing building to the north, helped define the lofty roof forms which capture northern light.” The internal is dominated by light colours, corresponding to beige and white. Wood also plays a vital role in defining the interior’s décor.

Renewed Home in Dublin Boasting Wooden Details And A Brick Fence

The brief was to rework a lifeless 1970′s home located in Dublin, Ireland, right into a modern, warm and inviting living space. The customer requested an energy efficient home on the cheap, with beautiful views over the positioning. As a result of a majority of these requests, Casa en Anville (known better as House on Anville Mount) became, at this point, a challenging and tasty project. Aughey O’flaherty Architects worked at the new design, specializing in natural ventilation, spaciousness and orientation. Despite its reduced surface (it spreads over 250 square meters), the open plan front room, the transparency and the ground-to-ceiling windows enhance the sensation of space and breeziness.

The brick house (your entire structure is roofed in bricks) is an inspired blend of traditional and new. On one hand, you might have the prefabricated timber structure, modern and  neat and however, you have got the brick design, traditional and warm. Casa en Anville features a gorgeous green mini-courtyard, with a small jacuzzi where you could sit and relax. Three façades (the east, west and north) are thermally efficient. The south façade boasts specially designed windows that maximise the solar heat gain.